What we're about

We are a group of Moms who HAD OUR FIRST CHILD AFTER the age of 40. That means we are ages 45 and up and have at least one school age child who is at least 5.

We are looking to connect and share our experiences as fantastic moms who are not spring chickens. Our concerns, interests, and energy (not to mention our skin) tend to be different than the 20-40 something moms around us. We also enjoy the active lifestyle of the Bay Area. This is a social and supportive group for Moms, Moms and kids, Single Moms, SAHM, Working Moms, Married Moms, and could also include Dads/Partners at some events.

Becoming a Mom after 40 is one thing. It's exhausting and a blessing. But BEING a Mom of an 5-15 year old child in your late 40's to late 50s is another thing entirely. This group is for those of us who are finding ourselves going through perimenopause and menopause while we have children who can't drive. It's for those of us who struggled with infertility, didn't meet the right person sooner, found the courage to become a single mother by choice, or had our adoption finally go through. And if you are in the same age range and your kid can now drive, you are still right for this group! Our common bond is our age, wisdom, and age range of our children! Our initial events will be for women only (no kids or spouses/partners).

Some things to note:

* Please include your age in group request. And please read the group criteria carefully.

1. This group is for women who became Moms at age 40+ and whose kids are currently in elementary, middle, or high school

2. This means that you had your FIRST child at/after age 40 and you are now 45 or older. If you have a child in middle school or high school, you are in your 50s-60s. I have a 10 year old and I am 54.

3. This group is NOT for Moms whose first child is now a baby, toddler, or pre-schooler. Being a mom of young children experience/phase than being 50 with a 9 year old, if you do have only a baby or toddler there are many other wonderful groups that might work better for you!) Thanks for your interest!

5. Any woman who doesn't meet this primary criteria will not be right for this group. Please send a message with your age and the age of your oldest child as well as where you live (again, if your child is 5, that means you are at least 45? 6 mos-1 year here or there not an issue). I'm a single parent and welcome both single and coupled/married members.

6. Activities for this group are mostly for us Moms to talk, connect, be active and have fun. Kids and partners may be included as group evolves. Kids may join if they can play independently. This is not a play group but of course you may meet women who want to set up play dates.

Past events (4)

Saturday Brunch in Downtown Saratoga

Bell Tower Cafe

Saturday Brunch in Los Altos

Needs a location

Late Afternoon Happy Hour

Opa! Campbell

Early Evening Happy Hour

Needs a location