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Magical Oldtaku Adventure Mitsuwa!
Maybe some of you have been to Mitsuwa, in Edgewater, NJ. It is SUPER COOL. Tons of cool anime and manga merch, an Asian grocery, restaurants with great Asian food. We could meet up, maybe grab a bite, get to know each other, walk around and look at all the cool stuff! This bookstore is right next to it: Maybe we could go to someone's place and watch some animes or something for a little while after :) let's play that part by ear! I figured we could meet there around 11:30 or 12pm. Others can meet up with us whenever. I'll get my Cel # out there as the time gets closer. Maybe we we could do carpools depending on who lives where. Let's go to Mitsuwa!

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    Anyone intererested in anime, preferably 25+ It's definitely okay if you are younger than that and want to join up too, but this is geared towards adults who enjoy anime and want to connect / reconnect with others in the area around the same age who are interested in the genre.

    Manga / reading and discussing manga is welcome too and so is cosplay / cosplay discussion. Old and new anime will be watched and discussed. I'm thinking we could find a place either at someone's home (if they're comfortable with that, and who hosts when could be on a rotating / host as you can basis), or we could get a room at a library with a projector or a large TV, and we could watch a movie or two or a few episodes of a series for 2-4 hours. There would be questionnaires and polls about who wants to watch what, and bringing snacks / refreshments would be encouraged! Maybe we could all head out and hit a diner or a bar afterwards for discussion about general animeish things. Over time group trips to places like Kinokuniya or conventions could be considered.

    Come be old and animated with us!! :c)

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