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Michael R.

Co-organizer, The Instigator


Olympia, WA

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Oct 18, 2012


Been a maker for as long as I can remember. I've been building and designing railbikes (www.railbike.com). Love travel and living overseas. Building and designing tools of all sorts. Musical instrument design and construction. CNC and much more!

What are your areas of interest?

Musical instrument building, machine tools, my dogs (Costa Rican Street Terriers), art, building tools, ornamental turning, wood and metal turning, harmonographs and wondergraphs, learning about new materials and processes, new to cnc, carbon fiber, developed papercrete formulas that shrink minimally and can be used to build structures that are dimensionally stable and more.

Working on any interesting projects at the moment?

Building a vacuum forming machine with several OlyMEGA members. Designing and building a CNC stringed musical instrument fret slot cutting machine with another OlyMEGA member. Working on learning more about paper marbling chemistry with a member who is a retired chemist. Various OlyMEGA planning and administrative works in progress. Coming up with more interesting projects!

What's your "dream project" - what would you build if you had unlimited time, skill, and resources?

I'm very fortunate to be working on a lot of my "dream" projects right now with more constantly being schemed and stumbled upon.