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Updated Information (May 2018) When I wrote my first book (nonfiction), I attended several meetups in the Vancouver/Portland area. The Meetup run by Linda Stirling was the most helpful so I have tried to model this group after hers. I have incorporated a few things I liked about the other groups as well. One of the things I like the most about meeting weekly is that I am motivated to write at least 5 pages every week. We are supportive, and will tell you what we liked about your story. At the same time, we are not afraid to point out where things could be improved. As a reviewer, you will be expected to print out the manuscripts you are assigned to review, and make your comments on the print pages. You will hand these pages over to the author after you have discussed your feedback. Our reviews are only as good as the material you submit. So, please, don't submit a rough draft. If you only want someone to tell you your writing is wonderful and flawless, ask your mother or best friend to read your writing. The reason this group works is that we have enough respect for each other to point out weaknesses and often offer advice on how to improve the story. People are welcome to attend without submitting anything for a few times. BEFORE you submit, email me at [masked] for instructions regarding submissions and how the group works. New people are welcome to come and observe. However, If you want to participate and receive the manuscripts we will be reviewing, you will need to submit 5 pages of your writing. If you are observing you should limit your comments to the discussion, please do not offer advice to the author without having previously read the manuscript. I lend my experience and (overly expensive) doctoral education to the group. I benefit from the honest feedback, and so do my regular members. No one here is an expert. If you join and don't attend any of the Meetups for 6 months, I will remove you from the membership roster unless other arrangements have been made. I want to be transparent about the size of this group. When you are ready to attend, you can always join again. It helps me keep the costs down. Members submit their manuscripts by Friday at 5 p. m. I send them out to the group on Saturday mornings.

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I want to start a small writing group for people who want to see their writing become books. I have had this experience and it was (and is) wonderful! When writing my first book, I was fortunate to be a member of several critiquing meetups. They all had different formats, different numbers of members, and different approaches. Since I moved to Olympia, WA, I decided to start my own group taking the best aspects of the other groups, along with the a couple of pieces I think will add to the experience. The primary mission for this meetup is to support and critique each others writing. In addition to critiquing each other's work, we can share tips for promoting, publishing, and selling our books. Fiction and non-fiction authors are welcome. The only requirement is that you commit to submitting 5 pages of writing each week you attend and critiquing 1 or 2 other author's submissions.

Keep in mind, I have a policy to delete members who are inactive for more than 6 months unless they have attended one of my meetups. You can always join again later. Having 100s or even 1,000s of members can be misleading to my purpose for this meetup.

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