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OM TORONTO is a Meditation, Healing Arts, Yoga & Workshop Centre for students and practitioners to come together to share their gifts in the name of healing. Whether you are looking to attend classes, connect with practitioners for private sessions, or you yourself are looking for a space to rent, this is a place for you!

Our soul purpose (get it? :P ) is to create a happy an encouraging environment for learning and growth. We like to think of ourselves as a Recharging Station for the Soul. Om is a place where you can lay down your blocks and burdens, rest for a while in a class or private session, and learn tools to help you along your journey.

The Om Team is invested in natural and holistic wellness. Our goal is to help you restore balance and flow to your life, so that you can experience the most joy, fulfillment, and healing possible.

If you would like to attend any of our events, we invite you to RSVP on meetup or learn more at http://www.OmToronto.com

If you are a practitioner who is looking for an office, classroom, studio or meeting room to rent, we invite you to visit: http://www.omtoronto.com (http://www.omtoronto.com/about-om.html) or contact us at info@omtoronto.com

Join In and let us Welcome you Om!

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In Reiki Level I we will learn about the Principles of Reiki, new concepts, “rules,” and a sequence of hand positions to help us navigate our way through self-healing, a chair session, and a table session. Topics & Exercises Covered: • The Discovery & History of Reiki • Ethics & Guidelines • The Reiki Principles & Precepts • The Hara • The Chakra Energy System & Endocrine System • The 3 Pillars of Reiki • Hand Positions • Self, Chair, & Table Treatments • Receive the Level I Attunement • Extensive Training Manual with pictures and hand positions and a step-by-step guide to walk you through a Level I Reiki treatment • 12-14 Hours in Class (2 days) • 2 additional hours of private mentoring • 14 student Maximum http://www.omtoronto.com/reiki-certification.html



YOU can do this! Whether you have years of experience or it is your first time tuning into your inner guidance system, you will be interpreting and delivering messages by the end of the session! With a short meditation, development exercises, and great support, we will practice doing messages in partners and in the circle. There is no need to fear starting out or "getting it wrong," this is the place to learn and grow! I always say, "The messages we receive are always right, it's our interpretation that can be off," and that is where practice with the group comes in! Learn how to push through your fears to develop clear and meaningful messages by the end of the session! All levels of experience are welcome and this group caters to beginners! http://www.omtoronto.com/development-circle-.html

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