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The War Game: World War II

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Just need 3-5 people - any interest?


Do you like Axis and Allies but have not played it in years or you do play once in a while but would love to get a game going here locally. WELL now you can right here in the Omaha area!!! I have a game room ready to play a monster game called The War Game: World War II

What is this game?

Fans often call it "Axis and Allies on Steroids". The rules and mechanics are similar enough to Axis and Allies, but there are a few differences and additions. The game, like Axis and Allies, covers the entire war from a strategic level with areas corresponding mostly to countries, with larger countries broken down. The map is a gargantuan 4' x 8' with eight major powers dividing up the non-neutral world (Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK, USA, China, and France)

http://boardgamegeek.... (

What the deal?

Including myself I would like 5 additional players 2 or even 4 alternates players just in case someone can not make it. This would happened ONLY on the weekends Sat. or Sun. 2-4 hours per week (and no not every week just when we have a majority vote on the game – I would like 3 of the 5 war gamers to approve the weekend and time via email. We could have a sandwiches or pizza if it's lunch time if approved? Three Allies, Three Axis 1 or 2 alternates for both sides.

Ok sounds fun Where?

I'll give more detail once I have my war gaming group. But YES it's way up in the North... Fremont NE. I have NO pets or kids to tear up the board, NO smoke inside patio or garage will be allowed.

Can I bring drinks of course! Bring Food of course!

I would like to read up on this game system...

The Home page: (

I would like to read the manual first by all means please do so... http://www.thewargame... (­ I have YET to play this game in full... I've only done a scrimmage in Africa playing all side which took a few hours...

I would like to start with BASIC rules first. Then we can move on from there.

Axis: Germany, Italy and Japan
Allies: USSR, UK, France (UK player will also play France), USA and China (US player will also play China)