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What we’re about

DC402 Tends to meet at DJ's Dugout in Miracle Hills monthly (typically the 2nd Tuesday). Check the or follow us at @defcon402 for the latest information.

Our meetings often have a meeting-specific broad topic, where somebody organizes discussion or presents. Often this topic is security-related, but also may drift into other interesting areas of tech. Our meetings are informal, social and often tend to gravitate toward the technical side of things. That said, we are not afraid of topics like tech policy and we strive to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Many of our members have interesting histories in U.S. government, capture the flag competitions, digital forensics, law enforcement, and various involvement with a small gathering of people in Las Vegas every year known as DEF CON.

For people interested in computer/hardware hacking, security, & electronics/IoT development. We practice the art of hacking to mod, improve, and make new better things! 

Relatively unordered enumeration of relevant keywords: topics in computer security, reverse engineering, embedded linux & electronics, Raspberry Pi's, Arduinos, RTL-SDR, sensors, wireless, IoT tech, Network Security, SNORT, Wifi, TCP/IP & Firewall basics, Kali Linux, Exploit basics, Cryptography, Physical security (Alarm systems & Lock mechanisms), Embedded Linux, OpenWrt, Busybox, Firmware Analysis, Binwalk, Bus Pirate, Flashing ROMs, EEPROMS, Arduinos, Microcontroller programming, Raspberry Pi's, Beaglebone, UART & Serial communication, JTAG programming, RTL-SDR, ESP8266 wifi, CC1101 wireless, RFID, Sensors, Soldering techniques, 3D printing, etc. 

As the group continues to grow, more topics and speakers will become available. Let's make Nebraska cybersecure and technologically innovative!