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Welcome to Omaha Live Music and Music Enthusiasts, Ect. Meetup!!

What is Meetup?

Meetup is an online service used to create groups that host local in-person events. As of 2017, there are about 35 million Meetup users. Each user can be a member of multiple groups or RSVP for any number of events. Users are usually using the website to find friends, share a hobby, or for professional networking.

What does it mean to belong to a Meetup group?

Meetup users self-organize into groups. As of 2017, there are about 225,000 Meetup groups in 180 countries. Each group has a different topic, size, and rules. Groups are associated with one of 30+ categories and any number of more than 18,000 tags that identify the group's theme.

What is does it mean to be an Omaha Live Music and Movies Enthusiasts, Etc. member?

Members can RSVP for any of a number of events. We concentrate on mainly on Live Music and Movies but have added the Etc. So that other social events can be added as many of us have multiple interests that cross over or have nothing to do with Music or Movies; however, this is our main area of interest.

What does it mean to be a group organizer?

Meetup groups are run by approximately 140,000 organizers. Any Meetup user can be an organizer. Organizers set up groups, organize events, and develop event content. They also pay a fee to run the group and may ask to share the fee with the members.

Is Omaha Live Music and Movies Enthusiasts, Etc. looking for Co-Organizers?

Sure are!! Please contact Melody if you interested in hosting an event. Hosts are required to have to have a meeting point at the beginning of the event and be a host to new members. Band members looking to advertise their concerts may not be the best hosts as performing takes most of their time. Please have a “host” if you are a member of a band and wish to co-organize an event.

Most of All…

Have fun!! Omaha has become a hub for many film and music, etc. venues! I look forward to exploring these with you all!

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International Blues Challenge @ The Jewell

The Jewell

Celebrate America @ Memorial Park

Memorial Park

Dancing to The Confidentials @ Stinson Park

Stinson Park

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