What we're about

We are a group based out of Southern Connecticut here for members of any skill level that pertains to shooting and firearms and especially safety.

We operate with fun and exciting ways to get gun owners (and non gun owners as well) together and help the community grow with the Skills, Knowledge and Attitude for firearm safety and tactics.

Any Skill level is welcome to join. From being never holding a gun before to a expert marksman. Our group will cater to all experiences and challenge to the best of their ability not just limited just shooting but also the applications for defending yourself and your home! We also have an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor on hand especially for the new shooters getting their feet wet. Any questions feel free to message me. Remember! Our main goal is No pressure welcoming fun!

Group Rules

1. We will exercise the NRA rules for gun safety at ALL TIMES. This includes on and off the range.

2. Before every range events we will gather 45 to 1 hr earlier for a brief safety meeting.

3. Every new member who does not own a firearm (regardless of permit) is required to attend these safety meetings to be allowed to use our firearms.

4. Members must provide ammunition for their firearms. Sale of ammunition between members is prohibited due to Connecticut State law.

4a. Any member who is ineligible of purchasing ammunition due to lack of required credentials are more than welcome to use my rimfire ammunition (.22lr). Compensation can only come in the form of coffee/donuts at the range OR there will be a donation box dedicated to this group if you are familiar with Google wallet.

5. Member comfortability is important in this group. Please let an event host or myself about any concerns (will be kept confidential).

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