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Do you hate public speaking? Not just giving a speech in front of colleagues but speaking, in pubic, at all. Rather it be to a group, to your family and friends during gatherings, telling a story at happy hour with co-workers or telling the barista that you want a triple, venti, half sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato (because you wanted to try it) and had to repeat it because the 16 year old barista couldn’t hear you over the espresso machine while the 5 people behind you in line are staring at you. If you struggle with things like that, this meetup is for you.

As the name suggest, this meetup is about putting you on the spot, in a safe space. It’s not Toasmasters, although I have nothing against it. This is an informal group and you don’t have to give a formal speech unless you want to, also grammer and language doesnt matter. You can tell a story or make up a story, do stand up comedy if that is something you always wanted to do, you can practice a toast you want to do at your sister’s wedding, you can curse (discrimination of any kind wont be tolerated) - you get the idea, its just about being comfortable being “On the Spot”. And as you get more comfortable in front of the group, we will progress and switch things up incorporating things like improv to get you not just comfortable but totally uninhibited in front of a group so you can take that confidence into your daily life. If you are nervous just thinking about this (like I am), then this is definitely for you!

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