What we're about

For those who are seeking to awaken, uplift, connect and learn.

We are dedicated to offering knowledge, wisdom, healing and community support through several types of events.

1. Music as Medicine- gatherings to experience the healing power of sound. Featuring sacred songs, as well as live music instrumentation designed to help awaken, connect and uplift the individual. with Native American Flutes, Singing Bowls, Vocal Toning and more. Combined with Color Therapy in a meditation, to receive and connect with your unique Power Colors. Healing CDs and Paintings will be available for small donation.

2. Education- This is a wisdom school for those connecting to life's mysteries. Especially through Chinese Medicine and Native American Spirituality.
Tuning with the Wisdom of Nature and mastering our consciousness. Including teachings from the indigenous ancestors.

3. Word Circles- an open forum for people to share their experiences. As a way to listen to each other more and learn about other people from different walks of life. Sharing Tea and Soup etc.

4. Kindness and Service- Visiting homeless shelters and places affected by tragedy and bringing the uplifting spirit of love and unity & providing materials like blankets as well as trauma healing events and color sound healings

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Color Sound Healing & Word Circle

United Way

Color Sound Therapy

Smart Energy Healing

Healing Seasonal Affect & Postpartum Depression

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