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One Love Animal Center

We now have a location for this wonderful animal community center!

This meetup launched over six months ago under the impression the location was settled and just about ready for action! Sadly the location fell through and it’s taken this long to find a new place. But we have one! A permanent one and remodeling is underway to get it open soon.

It will take a bit more time to get it going, so in the meantime I’m going to host classes in the basement of my home, which is on the same property. The end result is still the same: a community for people to learn and gather for the animals.

If you want to participate in any of the construction or land work parties, please let me know. I’ll be posting work parties as events so you can keep an eye on that as well.

If you or someone you know has a class to teach that benefits animals and would consider teaching it at One Love, please contact me. I really want new teachers, new classes, new ideas!

And lastly, if any of the classes already listed are of interest to you, sign up – I’d love to see you!

The original intent still holds true:

For anyone who loves an animal or wants to help one! This Meetup is the place to be when the new One Love Animal Center opens its doors and starts offering classes and community gathering events!!
Right now it's still under wraps, the worker-people are still hammering, painting, cleaning and doing whatever it takes to be ready to support the community in helping to create a better life for any or all animals.
Every class or event held at the OLAC will help an animal in some way - it might be direct, such as animal massage - or it might be indirect, like learning how to support backyard wildlife.
Join the Meetup now and get information on how to get involved from the very beginning - or just to get the list of classes when they first come out!

Some of the possible classes being offered in the next year:

Wildlife education and support

Animal massage

Energy healing – including technologies


Animal handling

Compassion fatigue for rescuers

Dog Training

Animal communication

Grief support

Spiritual/prayer for animals

General animal care – for pets, farm, or wild animals

Nutrition for animals

Plant-based nutrition for people, cooking classes

Professional CEUs for Vet techs, etc.



Do you have certain classes you want to take OR teach? Let us know!!!

In addition to the classes – the OLAC is a place of community, and as such you'll find other activities going on such as:

Bonfire chats

Fundraiser events

Summer movies on the lawn

Community night – if there is no class scheduled, then games, conversation, potluck

Individual healing/consulting rooms available

Non-profit meetings

Support groups

Gift shop

Animal Meetup events

Youth education

Resource lists for support

Lending library – books, crates, leashes etc

Limited supplies for sale

Join us!

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