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*** Music is awesome. It revives the soul. LIVE music is even better. It gives the audience a chance to connect with the musicians & each other.

*** Most live music takes place in bars. Not a problem for most, BUT a bit of hinderance for those of us who no longer drink.

*** This group was created to try to provide a safe & supportive space for us live music lovers who no longer imbibe (either by choice or by necessity).

*** Maybe you are new to the non-drinking world & feel stuck, bored & think it may be too tempting to go see live music in a bar by yourself or with friends who drink.

*** Maybe you are no stranger to the alcohol-free lifestyle & are looking to pep-up your social life with some great music with like-minded-alcohol-free individuals.

*** Shoot, maybe you’re just toying with the thought of removing alcohol from your life & want to go on a test run to see if you could have fun without having a drink.


* May we celebrate our non-drinking ways by appreciating the beautiful gift that is kick a$$ live music.

* May we dance in solidarity (or bob your head if you’re not a dancer, no judgment here).

* May we come together to share our stories, celebrate our successes & get down. :-)

* May we join forces to enact a grown-up “buddy-system” to help each other feel safe, supported & respected in a live music venue.

* May we find future non-drinking friends/acquaintances/tribe-members to bask in the beauty that is LIVE music.


Although this term has been coined by the jam-band community, this group will be open to going to see ALL kinds of music.

Here are some articles that focus on the term:




(^^^ this one has a video^^^)


This is my first attempt at creating a group of any kind so please be patient with this newbie. Also, I am also SUPER new to the Denver area, so venue suggestions & show suggestions would be very much appreciated. I know what I like, but I very much want for this to be a well rounded experience for all members to enjoy.

Here are some thoughts on meeting prior to the shows:

* Have a very relaxed informal gathering (a.k.a. “meeting” but without any steps, devoid of religion, & absolutely NO judgment):

* Maybe at a coffee shop, or perhaps dinner. This way we can empower each other with positivity & strength.

* Safety in numbers. Removing alcohol from one’s life can be a lonely decision, but you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

The first outing will be planned via suggestions & when some members join.


* THIS GROUP IS PRIVATE: Although this group is NOT affiliated with AA or any other recovery group, anonymity still applies. One’s choice to drink or not to drink is a private affair. What happens in this group stays within the group. It is an honor & a privilege to get to know a person. Trust shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take that trust to heart & keep all members' private information private.

* RESPECT: We must respect each other & be kind to one another. This should be true throughout ALL aspects of life. It is ESPECIALLY true in this group.

* LIVE & LET LIVE: We are here because we are sober & we love to see live music. Please leave your beliefs at the door. If you have found G-d, then cool. If you are an atheist or agnostic, the cool too. Please be respectful & understand that it takes ALL types of people to make this world go round. Just be respectful & understand that everyone is different & finds solace through different avenues. Live & let live. No judgment. No preaching.

* SENSE OF HUMOR IS A MUST: It is imperative that you laugh at life. We are here for a short time so please be open minded & have the ability to laugh, laugh, laugh. Humor is soooooo important on life's road of recovery.

* LOVE OF LIVE MUSIC: That is the gist of this group.

DISCLAIMER: The organizer(s) of this group is/(are) NOT responsible for the sobriety of any member. PLEASE be respectful & DO NOT DRINK when attending any events. Thank you so much for reading.

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