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"Because every revolution begins with just one voice."

Partisan politics has divided voters and placed demands on our political leaders to be what we want them to be, where we want them to be, when we want them to be there. This has created political extremism that ultimately serves to keep us divided and has launched a level of political bickering that seemingly has no end. These political extremist have shut down the government, cut vital services, gutted our public education system, and have delivered legislation such as Stand Your Ground and drug testing of welfare recipients while doling out tax breaks to the wealthy donors by the billions. .

In light of blatant police brutality and the recent Grand Jury decisions, our nation is facing yet another pivotal moment in its history. But we know that God will get us through this, just as He has so many times before. In these decisive moments we must listen to the voice of reason and to the voice fairness for all - the one voice to which we all should be listening in times like this. And when when it does come time to speak, we must speak up - loud and clear - with one unified voice.

Your Voice + Many Voices = One Voice

What is the One Voice Across America Movement?

One Voice Across America is a No Party Affiliation (NPA) movement. Inspired by the need to unite as a community in addressing the issues common to us all, we stand firm in our support of lawmakers who are strong advocates for the voters in our One Voice community.

One Voice Jax, is the Jacksonville, FL chapter of One Voice Across America. Join us for the next One Voice Jax Meetup and let's start a different kind of lunch counter movement.

Remember, "No revolution has ever begun with the masses; it's always two or three people who get together and decide to change things." - Whitman Mayo

Note: This Meetup group is hosted by members of NASEMBA Business Alliance as a part of the One Voice Across America Movement. No membership is required to attend the luncheon and no fees are charged as each person pays for his or her lunch.

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