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One Mindful Breath is a secular dharma practice community in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. We run Secular Mindfulness Saturdays from time to time, and weekly evening meditation sessions on a Wednesday.

Come along if you:

• would like an introduction to a simple form of secular meditation practice

• want to meet other meditators and find out what we’re like

• have never meditated, or tried it and found it too hard, or you already meditate and want a different experience

• are happy to meditate sitting on a chair rather than on a cushion on the floor (although you can bring your own cushion or meditation stool).

Secular Mindfulness Saturdays
Put aside a half day or a day for secular mindfulness practice every three or so months at the Home of Compassion in Island Bay. These days typically include a mix of short sitting and walking meditation sessions and brief talks, with time for discussion. And of course afternoon tea.

Wednesday Meetup
We come together on a Wednesday evening to meditate, followed by thoughtful discussion and a cup of tea, at the Friends’ Centre in Moncrieff St, Mt Victoria. Doors open at 7.15pm, the meditation starts around 7.30pm, and the evening ends around 9.15pm. For Wednesday evening sessions you can just turn up.


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Anna Markey: Dharma practice … what am I doing this for, again?

Anna Markey – lead teacher at Coast and City Sangha in Adelaide – will talk to us about the dilemma of what to do with our life. -- All of us share the same dilemma: we are born, we live, we die. So what do we do with the bit in the middle … the only part in which we have choices? Zooming in from Goolwa in South Australia, Anna will explore this dilemma with us, a dilemma which seems to raise more questions than answers. Do we perhaps need to stay with those questions, and learn to live richly and deeply with them? What is your aim or goal here? Is it flexible? What helps you, or hinders you? The Buddha, in many different ways encouraged us to forge our own path, to ‘see for ourselves’ and as the Bengali meditation teacher Munindra-ji put it, ‘Buddha’s enlightenment solved Buddha’s problem. Now solve yours!’ http://www.onemindfulbreath.org.nz/events/dharma-practice

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