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About Us:

'One People, One World' is a global collaboration of Humanitarian Individuals, Groups and Organisations that understand humanity must 'unite and work together as a people' if it is to ever successfully address its global challenges.

Division, competition and self-interest - or 'conflicted interests' - lead to the world's problems. Only when 'ALL COUNTRIES unite and work together for the common good of all people' can we successfully put an end to war, poverty, environmental issues, human rights abuses,...and create a truly fair and just world for all.

Why does this Group exist?

1. To provide the necessary hub and support to unite the humanitarian community so that through their 'unity and numbers', ALL Humanitarian Individuals, Groups and Organisations will become more successful at achieving their shared goals.

2. To help global society transition away from a destructive model of division, competition and self-interest towards a NEW Model of unity, cooperation and shared-interest.

3. To inspire the very best of humanity to be expressed into the world.

Why 'Founders and Pioneers'?

When you become part of this group, you are doing so much more than joining a new group. Through your support and engagement, you are helping to pioneer a new path forward. You are becoming a contributing founder to setting up a NEW MODEL for global unity, cooperation and shared interest throughout the world.

We will PROMOTE our Humanitarian Partners:

This site has effectively two key roles.

1. To coordinate and organise OPOW Meetups, as and when required.

2. To help promote key meetups of our Partners. When individual humanitarian groups make a commitment to 'unite and work together with the rest of the global humanitarian community', we also do our best to support the goals of each individual partner that has made that commitment. Any humanitarian focused group can become a partner of the global humanitarian community.

To promote your meetup on this site, simply email the site Organiser/s. Thanks!

Partner Groups:

The following are currently some of the supporting groups of this global collaboration.

Change the Future - http://www.changethefuture.co.uk

Cybernated Farm Systems - http://www.cyberfarmsystems.com

Elemental Practice LLP - http://www.elementalpractice.com (http://www.elementalpractice.com/)

Global Democratic Organisation - https://plus.google.com/+OBRoy-Founder-GLOBAL-DEMOCRATIC-ORGANISATION

FORIFO - http://www.forifo.org

London College of Spirituality (LCS) - http://www.londoncollegeofspirituality.co.uk

Medbox - http://www.medbox.org

Metadialogics - http://www.metadialogics.com (in development)

One Love, Get Real - https://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Love-Get-Real/372252369477404

OnePeople International - http://www.onepeopleinternational.org

Restlessbeings - http://www.restlessbeings.org

TEAMHUMANITY - http://www.teamhumanity.com

The Founding Family - http://www.thefoundingfamily.com

The Spring Project - http://www.springproject.co.uk

UniteAndEvolve - http://www.uniteandevolve.co.uk

VocalEyes - http://www.vocaleyes.org

WeCanBeMore - http://www.wecanbemore.org

Wildlaw UK - http://www.wildlawuk.org

WiseTalk - http://www.wisetalk.co.uk

The Zeitgeist Movement (UK) - http://www.thezeitgeistmovementuk.com‎

Zero State - http://www.zerostate.net

URL Links:

Website: http://www.onepeopleoneworld.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/One-People-One-World/224710444327716

Facebook Members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/634720679919544/662254090499536

Twitter: https://twitter.com/onepeoplenet

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OnePeopleOneWorldNet

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