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What we’re about


OneSpirit is a regular natural high gathering to meet, connect, ecstatic dance, celebrate, journey, explore, shift and uplift in Brixton, LONDON, UK ...  

The Time Is Now!!!

Profound times of great transformation on every level ~ personal, society, systems, world, Gaia… 

Gather together with new and old like-hearted friends…

Re-connect with soul sisters and brothers…

Beautiful Beings… shining beacons of Love and Light…

Tune in with each other, Mother Earth Gaia and Spirit…

Harmonize with nature’s rhythm and Uni-Versal sacred sounds…

Be uplifted by awesome Sacred Geometry visuals…

Freely ecstatic dance to magnificent live and DJ’d music into natural ecstasy…

Energise, exercise, nurture, shift and uplift body, mind, spirit and emotions…

Consciously breathe… stretch… move… shake… improvise…let go… 

Transcend the old… explore… embrace the new…raise vibrations… 

Be Here Now…journey deep with elevating Sacred Solfeggio frequencies…

Join together in powerful Gaia Love, Light and Peace Meditation & OM called the LoveBeam

Experience Love, Unity and Joy… 

Re-Creation… Co-Creation…

You are invited to join us…

Let’s make OurStory together 

OneSpirit… OneHeart… OneBeat… OneLight… OneLove ♥

The OneSpirit Experience ~

✰ Brilliant LIVE & DJ music in awesome space with beautiful peops!

✰ Pioneering natural high vibe conscious club!


✰ Wonder~Full UpLifting Magical Journey ♥ 

OneSpirit journeys vary and often include ~

✰ Drum Circle
✰ Healing & Activation Circle with Copper Pyramid
✰ LoveBeam Om 
✰ Chant
✰ Cosmic Connections 
✰ Live Tribal Dance with OneBeat 
✰ DJ 
✰ Sacred Sound Bath with Solfeggio Crystal Bowls, Gongs & Didgeridoo 
✰ Message For The Moment

Featuring ~

✰ All Night Pyramid Power Space 
✰ Crystal Clear Sound Vibrations
✰ Sacred Geometry 
✰ Magical UV Decor
✰ Rainbow & UV Lighting 
✰ OneSpirit Delights Bar ~ Organic Natural High
✰ Power Spot Venue



Our events consistently receive positive feedback & 5 star ratings ~ 






ONESPIRIT MEMBERSHIP ~ please join for discounts & perks