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Correction on start date for Choir!! See you on September 17th!
Come meet Joel, our new interim choir director! Joel will be kicking off the fall session on September 17th with "Meet/Great/Sing/ and Eat" choir meeting. This meeting is FREEEEEE. Hope you'll join us. (Betsy and Al will be there, too!)

St Luke Presbyterian Church

3121 Groveland School Road · Minnetonka, MN

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What we're about

*Although on this site, it looks like there are only a few people who turn up each night, we always have between 25-30 people. Most of them don't bother to confirm every week. We're will have an experienced interim choir director, Joel Gotz, who will be leading choir this fall and winter, while Betsy and Al are in LA.

One World Community Choir & Social Club

Where and when does it meet? Meetings are held every Monday night at 7 PM, (

As always, we're in the lovely sanctuary at St. Luke Presbyterian Church in Minnetonka (right behind Groveland Elementary, near Lakewinds Co-op).

Address: 3121 Groveland School Road, Minnetonka, MN. There's no traffic and plenty of free parking

Fee: First night is free for guests. The cost for each 10-week series. Pretty cool, right? That’s cheaper than yoga and you don’t even have to wear tights. But you can sign up anytime. We’ll prorate your fee if you start in the middle of a session. ( out our calendar for dates.

Welcome! A bunch of members have been singing with us for years, But you can join anytime. No matter how long it's been since you sang in a choir, if you love to sing in the shower, can carry a tune, and are looking for a place to sing with your clothes on, there's a spot for you in the One World Community Choir.

No auditions required! Repertoire: You'll learn a mixture of beautiful multi-part songs from around the world: Scottish ballads, songs from Africa, hypnotic chants from India, and the best of American roots. Our motto is: If we love it, we'll teach it. Non-religious focus.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere in class is fun and relaxed. We only teach great songs, so you'll never be bored. And we like to sink in and take our time, so you’ll never feel rushed or pressured to go too fast—only to enjoy the ride.

What is it? The One World Community Choir & Social Club is more than a choir. It’s “a thang.” That began almost seven years ago as a class Betsy offered through Hopkins Community Ed. She and her husband, Al Dworsky, joined forces and the class grew into the One World Community Choir & Social Club.

The members are a friendly bunch who come to sing--but also do a fair amount of laughing, eating, and socializing as well. Everybody cares about the music, but nobody cares if you mess up. And we all care a lot about each other. As John Rutter ( so beautifully describes the power of choir in this interview (

Most choirs spend most of their time preparing for performances. We sing for our own pleasure. Occasionally we do sing at community events or benefits, but these are always treated as appearances rather than performances. And we always teach our audiences something so they can join in the fun.

Who are Betsy and Al? Betsy Sansby and Alan Dworsky ( are a couple who conduct the choir with the same comedic imperfection they bring to their marriage. Betsy trained at the Community Choir Leadership Program ( in Victoria, Canada. She is the producer and primary performer on her "Betsy's Teaching CDs for Community Choir Leaders" ( series. Alan is a classically trained piano player and former rock musician, lawyer, and legal writing instructor. He’s also a hand drum teacher, and together with Betsy has written eight award-winning books on drumming and rhythm. Betsy’s also a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Minnetonka.

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