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Could it be so simple that we are all the same Spark of the Devine?. Are we really 8 Billion different individual People on this Planet?.We all have our thoughts and beliefs and our individual minds right?. Is conciousness and understanding it the Key to World and inner Peace?.
Conciousness could just Plainly be just the universe experiencing itself Subjectively. The trick is understanding yours and everyone else's is the same but we have individual experiences. That in a nutshell is the hidden truth we are all searching for in all the worlds great religions. Once you understand this point of view look how you feel towards every other Human, Animal and the earth?. You can but only feel love. Now taking this concept the whole way then you will see your relationship to everyone who has ever lived or will experience life, every living creature and plant. You have and are living every life and experience possible. When we experience and give love we are connecting back to ourselves, When we experience hurt and pain we are taking love away and not connecting with our inner selves. When you connect deeply with another people or subject you are connecting back into the one conciousness which is Love. could there ultimately be just a Single passenger on this spaceship that we call Planet Earth and in the universe at large. But the clever illusion is most of us think we are separate?. Is deeply understanding this the fundamental concept of Enlightenment?. This free group has been set up so like minded people can meet. To Discuss all the beautiful Ramifications and cutting edge science to spiritual understanding and everyone's Journey so far.
We are all on a Journey, all wanting to reach the same place. All spiritual Paths eventually leads to the same place and conclusion. It is how directly you reach this place and understanding without getting frustrated and losing interest. Cutting out the fantasy stories and finding out who you really are at source is absolutely Key to finding total inner peace. Stoping the wanting of more and more materialistic things. Once you wake up as many of you have experienced there is no going back and you never want to. It is helping others to discover this and talking about it that is aim of this group. Thanks for reading and Joining!. Any questions please ask.
For those of you reading this. I am putting a book together on the following as a concept and would like feedback to the level of ease this could be understood:-
Jesus was one of the first great scientist the greatest of them all. He achieved what the best scientists today are still trying to piece together. He found the grand unified theory GUT understood it completely however struggled to get the message across to everyone at the time. He realised the GUT was his consciousness that was the universe looking at itself subjectively. The one experiencing the one. What he also understood that understanding this was not just unique to him but applicable for every other human being. Consciousness was just the same in everyone just a different vantage point so how could you ever die if this was true?.
We are all one and the same. Think of it a a brand new Smart phone. When you turn on a brand new one the operating system on all is exactly the same but depending on what software, calls, text you make differentiates the expwriwnce (life) from each other. The father son and Holy Spirit is essentially just an explanation of this. How could he ever hurt anything else ultimately knowing he was basically hurting another part of him. How silly are we all not to realise this?. And this simple yet hard to take in concept is the holy grail, is heaven, is enlightenment. This Is what every major religion has as truth at its Core.
What a great scientist he was indeed. So was the budda, so was Moses, and Mohammed. They also understood the same thing.
Quantum physics and relativity has just touched upon it for modern science in the last 100 years but have failed to make the connection that you have to observe from the inside of consciousness and not outside. Hence why we get so many strange science results such as the double split experiment, quantum entanglement and EPR experiments. The Big Bang starting at one small point of time. The whole universe the size of a pinhead contained everything. One source now quantum entangled throughout the whole of the universe. These results again can be explained by this view point.
It also explains why humans can be so unkind to each other. If we view each other as separate we are normally our for what we can get. Selfish. “I win mean you lose” attitude. If we all understood we are all the same source then we would all not know any boundaries, isms’ that we mentally create to separate ourselves from each other. Some call this “unenlightened state” the EGO some religions know this as the Devil. In truth this is just lack of not knowing the above and not knowing who you truly are. “Treat your neighbour as yourself”,” Allah is closer than your jugular vein”, “The kingdom of Heaven is found within”. Surely all these well know phrases from all the great scientists in history could not have been stated any clearer.
Going back to the EGO (The Devil), not understanding the above Will blinding lead us down the path of wanting more and more in life and nothing quenches the thrust for more. Hence why people have such problems with addiction. Gambling, alcohol, murder. Surely depression would be made so much easier to treat and prevent in the first place?. Now bringing this to the full conclusion this is saying Jesus, me, you and even dare I say it Hitler is one and the same. Except The EGO (Devil) was the state of mind of Adolf Hitler. He was so unenlightened that is ( and also many other historical leaders),so unaware of the above oneness and connection and so separate he could carry out the terrible mass extermination of a whole race of people who ultimately their great scientist leader Moses understand totally in his time who people were at core. Waking up to reality is understanding this simple yet hard to grasp concept. Life suddenly stops the search for that missing something, and if you understand that then you realise that there is nowhere to go to search. The true and only journey of peace of mind is within. Astronauts very often get a feeling called the overview effect which is basically enlightenment. When travelling away from the earth looking at the moon when looking back at the earth and seeeing how beautiful the blue planet looks and the realisation you are outside of this and that there is no boarders to countries only imaginary one created in the minds of humans and on maps. Then realising how interconnected everything back on earth is. It would Be great to get the world leaders to experience that together and maybe they would have a different perspective of the world.
Most people on earth may follow a religion but are totally unaware of the truth and real reality of our consciousness. All the worlds great religions share this truth at core. Jewish Kabbalah, Christian Knosticism, Islamic Sufism etc. It is going to take another “Great scientist” of our day to make this message clear to the people of our time. We have the internet that is the first time in human history we have been able to communicate to the whole world. The time is right for this message if we all truly want world peace and a culture where we can all share and have peace of mind. Tackle diseases and poverty without the constraints of profit. If you could get all the greats in history I am sure they would be saying the same message as above but just more clearer and concise. It sounds madness but if you really think long and hard about it you reading this in the first place is the answer you were searching for in the first place. And if you can understand the above ultimately you created this message to be read and understood by all the different vantage points of consciousness out there in the first place!. How are you going to start treating each other now if the above rings true to your core?. Exactly peace to One and All x. You are enlightened.

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