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This group is open to people of all faiths, cultures, modalities, belief systems and spiritual practices! Please come join us as we share in shifting our consciousness, which impacts all of humanity.


Everything is in flux and everything is changing. You may have noticed a rapid acceleration of change and growth in your life. This can be attributed to the amazing and impactful time that we are currently living through.

It can be challenging to experience such rapid change, and this group is meant as a place that will help to hold space for your inner process and allow you to be vulnerable and connect with whatever is happening inside you.

If you're seeing a shift in your awareness and seeing the relationship between your inner and outer world, then this group can give you helpful tools, teachings, and meditations, and process (from Oneness University) that will allow you to deepen into the awareness of your inner world.

We are all on a journey together to live together in Oneness. Like a baby being born, birth can be painful and messy. There are growing pains and instability as we learn to walk and navigate in the new inner/outer worlds that are being birthed. If you would like to join with a group of like-minded people, who are also a part of this conscious journey of moving into living in Oneness with all life, then we welcome you!

This meetup will provide a nurturing, safe, and judge-free environment where we can come together to share our experiences, our challenges, our knowings, our questions, as well ask allowing us to look deeply within to see who we truly are and how we fit into this ever expanding life. We can hold space and intention for each other to set right our relationships; heal the physical, mental, and energy bodies; grow in abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

Your personal evolution will continue to unfold, and as it does, we believe you will see the beauty in it. You will see how you as a divine being have actually planned it for yourself. You will see that the fear dissolves, illusions of duality diminish, and a clarity of vision emerges, helping you to truly live life. We look forward to connecting with you and together bringing inner transformation and external reformation!

What is Deeksha?

Deeksha, also called the Oneness Blessing, is a benediction of grace that is transferred to the recipient. A phenomenon is sweeping the planet right now that is allowing people to have access to grace and move into states of Oneness with others, animals, nature, etc. as well as experiencing causeless love, causeless joy, and causeless freedom.

How is Oneness Blessing/Deeksha transferred?

Like different flavors of juice, such as apple, orange, etc. The Oneness Blessing has different flavors, or different ways of being transferred that can have different effects on the brain and the flowering of the heart. To maintain the true essence of each blessing, the types of Deeksha will never be combined.

At this meetup, we will experience:

Hands-on Deeksha - transferred from a Oneness Blessing giver by placing hands slightly on or above the head. Oneness Blessing Givers have been through a weekend Awakening Course where they have gone through deep, cleansing process to prepare them for initiation to become a OBG. Please contact organizer if interested.

Golden Orb Meditation - transferred through a meditation process that allows one to connect with the Phenomenon/HSS/Divine and receive a blessing directly from his/her Divine. This meditation is led by a person who has been through the Phenomenon & Gift course offered by Oneness University. This is a profound course that allows the participants to become deeply connected with their Higher Sacred Self (HSS) and the Phenomenon of the Golden Orb. For more information to attend this course in USA, visit http://onenessuniversity.org/phenomenon-and-the-gift/ and contact your organizer.

Deeksha from Golden Orb Sri Murthi - A Sri Murthi is a picture/photograph that has been imbued with the phenomenon of grace of the Golden Orb from Oneness University. Sri Murthi translates to Divine Light and one merely needs to look at the picture to experience of blessing of deep connection with his/her Divine and Higher Sacred Self.

What is science saying about the Oneness Blessing?

"Scientist in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and the USA have measured the affect of Oneness Blessing on the balance of electromagnetic impulses emitted by the brain. They have determined that within thirty seconds of a Oneness Blessing transmission, the activity of the parietal lobes, as well as the brain stem and limbic system, becomes quieter and more balanced, while the activity of the frontal lobes increases. These findings are identical to measurements of long term Tibetan meditators conducted at the University of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, the effects of Oneness Blessing are cumulative; the more Oneness Blessing a person receives, the more balanced the brain becomes. A group from Princeton University is establishing a laboratory on the Oneness University campus to study and observe the Oneness Blessing Process.

These kinds of changes in the brain's activity, especially when they are cumulative, affects every area of a person's life; physical health, personal relationships, creativity and business, as well as an individual's relationship to religion, society and the planet as a whole." - Oneness University

What is the intention of the Deeksha?

In one word: growth. The Oneness Blessing is a gift on the planet right now to aid in humanity's shift and growth into higher states of being. The Oneness Blessing gives a person a shortcut/easier access to their Higher Sacred Self and their Divine, so that she/he may become fulfilled in their lives through the healing of relationships with family, friends, spouses, etc., through the accumulation of wealth, through the healing of health. This fulfillment leads to transformation. Transformation leads to Freedom. Freedom leads to Awakening. And Awakening leads to God Realization.

Looking forward to connecting and growing with you!

Thank you,

Brenda Jo McDonald


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