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Hello ALL.. Come and JOIN the FUN with the Ananda Mandala which is being held, 7:00PM at Angie/Ryan's Place at 1323 N. 110th Plaza Apt 812, Omaha, NE directly followed by the Oneness Blessing. (Ring the bottom button and you will then be BUZZ'd in !!) In the very near future we will be holding it in a NEW location, so, keep attentive to the changes as we grow with this group.

Here's a little insight to the Ananda Mandala for those interested in heightening your connection to the Divine. It is a THE next step in developing your relationship with the Divine by building the necessary energy as to connect to the Higher Vibrations.. Love Divine.

Ananda Mandala is a Chakra clearing meditation designed to raise Kundalini energy for spiritual enhancement. It is a 30 minute meditation that involves vigorous Pranayama (breath of fire) breathing techniques. One should be in good health and an advocate for spiritual growth. We will be sitting in a circle, holding hands and listening to a guided meditation where again, breathing forcefully on the "out "breath and naturally on the "in" breath. This creates HIGH energy flow through the body which can potentially cause for body movements and emotional releases, creating that step to the Divine. Again, come and EXPERIENCE this exceptional experience and the Heart felt BLISS that will last for days.

Deeksha (also called Oneness Blessing) is an energy transfer that works by creating a neurobiological shift in the brain, awakening the energy centers (Chakras) in the body and activating Kundalini energy. This creates a gradual shift in consciousness, freeing you from the suffering created by the mind, balancing the body's natural healing energies and attuning the brain to higher levels of awareness. It helps quiet the overactive thinking centers of the brain, mainly in the parietal lobes and stimulates the underactive frontal lobes, bringing clarity of perception accompanied by feelings of joy, inner peace and connection. Deeksha does not belong to any religion or belief. It is a universal energy that can be received by anyone. No special teachings are required or needed. All you need do is to be open to receiving.

We suggest you contribute a donation, whatever you can, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Arrive for the ANANDA MANDALA and please be on time !! Thanks : -)

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