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NEW and IMPROVED Wednesday night Oneness Blessing Gathering
Gathering weekly since 2006 to share the Oneness Blessing and experience the beautiful state inside through love, joy and connection with the Oneness community.

Seattle Unity Church

200 8th Ave. N. · Seattle, WA

What we're about

After helping millions worldwide spiritually awaken, Oneness University has combined with One World Academy and has become O&O Academy retaining and expanding the original vision and mission of founders Sri Amma Bhagavan through their son Sri Krishnaji and his wife, Sri Preethaji.

Oneness Seattle is in transition as well with leadership changes and exciting programs and events slowly coming available in the near future. We are located at Seattle Unity which has recently changed ownership and will be demolished and replaced by a new structure with plans for Seattle Unity to remain and hopefully the Seattle O&O (Oneness) community events as well.

This meetup group is a portal to the Seattle area O&O (Oneness) Community and the central Wednesday night weekly gathering. Gatherings also occur on other nights in other locations nearby- see the Community's online nexus: the Oneness Seattle website (, where more in-depth information about the Oneness Phenomenon, the O&O Academy and local events can be found. See also the Oneness Seattle Facebook page (

An overview:

Oneness was founded by teachers Sri Amma Bhagavan in Anhar Pradesh, India in 1989. Their vision was to alleviate human suffering at its roots by elevating the consciousness and awakening humanity into oneness. Oneness has been defined as the experience of connection to all that is.

Recently Oneness founders Sri Amma Bhagavan announced their retirement and the passing of leadership to their son and his wife, Sri Krishnaji and Sri Preethaji. They are dedicated to moving forward and expanding the reach of the original vision of Oneness by combining Oneness University and their equally powerful One World Academy into the present day O&O Academy.

O&O Academy incorporates two campuses in southern India utilizing the multiple sites of former Oneness University combined with the One World Academy headquarter campus in Chennai, India. One World Academy at this time continues their outreach with powerful programs of inner connection and transformation offered in major cities throughout the world. Exciting changes continue to be announced regarding the Oneness University campus and plethora of courses offered. Please refer to the O&O Academy website for current updates and offerings: O&O Academy (

Come join us for our weekly communion in the Oneness field to experience and manifest the Beautiful State readily available within. For those familiar with the Oneness Blessing we have not eliminated the sharing of the Blessing and remain committed to supporting the practice and initiating all who desire to become a Blessing Giver. Find out more and come experience the unlimited peace, love and joy every Wednesday evening at Seattle Unity.

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