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Our first meetup! Don't miss it!!
Finally, we are ready to go. Please come to our very first meetup where we will be making introductions to the group! I have been doing online marketing full-time since 2008! It is 100% the best job I have ever had, the most fun, the most freedom and by FAR the most money! Literally, ANYBODY could make a full time living marketing online these days. Come to the meetup and find out how! No, this is NOT a sales pitch, I have nothing to sell you :-(, didn't I tell you, I make all of my money online. :-) This meetup is for like-minded individuals to share, learn and support one another. Brand new or experienced, this is for you!!

Venture X - Stuart Place Crossing

6710 W. Expressway 83 2nd Floor · Harlingen, tx

What we're about

Are you an online entrepreneur or are you aspiring online entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are determined to face adversity even when friends and family are discouraging about your passion.

It takes courage for an entrepreneur to come to these 7:30 am meet ups when you don't know anyone. This group is for anyone that has the passion to show up and gain from the support of everyone in the group who care about you and encourage you to continue to drive forward in the face of doubt as you seek your goal of being self sufficient and a good provider to the people around you.

ROE provides an environment for entrepreneurs in the Rio Grande Valley to discover a supportive community of like minded business people who are passionate about "giving" from their own entrepreneurial ambitions. Members support each other incubating the entrepreneurial ideals to fruition.

Everyone is welcome to join the group if you fit in one or more of the following four categories:

* Online Entrepreneurs

* Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs

* Investors

* Mentors

We do not have any membership dues or revenue criteria. Whether you own a company or just want to help other people succeed, ROE provides the encouragement you seek to inspire your passion.

The meetings are about an individual member's presentation of hers/his unique experiences that reflect on the tenacity and drive that is the core element that keep entrepreneurs growing towards their passion to succeed. Every attendee is entitled to a 20 second elevator pitch introduction.

The majority of the meeting is spent in an interactive exchange with other attending members sharing referrals, information, and resources.

The meetups are held once a month, usually the last Saturday of the month and are in Mission, Texas.

This is the format of the meetings:

7:30 am - early bird arrivers

7:45 am - meeting starts: gathering & coffee/food purchases

8:00 am - Featured Member presentation

8:15 am - 20 second intro elevator pitch from each attendee

8:25 am - 90 second practice presentation from one volunteering attendee

8:30 am - interactive attendee networking between members

9:00 am - meeting closes

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