Giving Technology a Personality with Justin Li, Creative Director

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The best tech companies today don't just need to have a great product, they need to have a great brand to match. A brand is much more than just the way it looks - the way a brand communicates with people is just as important.

A brand’s tone of voice gives a tech company a personality. It builds trust, it creates relationships, and it makes people feel good about the brand. Airbnb pushes us to explore new parts of the world, FitBit encourages us to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The Cash App wants to make it easy for us to send money to friends.

These messages and the way they are communicated are felt everywhere — from their websites, to their product, to their advertising campaigns.

In this talk, Creative Director Justin Li will break down what goes into the modern, brand tone of voice.

1) How to simplify technology for people so that they understand your product
2) Learn to write the way people speak - communicate your brand in a way that is intuitive for others
3) How to show your writing to outsiders and generate a positive brand image


Justin is a Canadian creative director and writer based in Amsterdam. He was formerly a Creative Lead at the Google Creative Lab in London, working across product marketing and development. These days, he works with small and large tech companies through Hello Astro, a brand strategy and communications consultancy. Some of their clients include Google, Burberry, Apple, Nike, and others.