What we're about

“Only Human” is a discussion group, aimed at exploring and sharing perspectives from different walks of life. Each session, we shall table a topic and let the group converse in an open format to present their views and thoughts with the aspiration of learning something new or challenging aspects we have often assumed.

Topics will focus on the everyday conditions of being human, what they mean to us as an individual or as a society as whole. We encourage personal accounts and any thoughts that have helped defined who we are.

We do not expect participants to undertake extensive research on each topic, but some points for conversation will be available in the event page. We encourage a quick read to ease participants into a discussion frame of mind.

We are open to all people, but hope that session are inclusive to a diverse set of participants, this we believe will enable a differing view-points to be presented.

There are no pre-requisites for participants, only an inquisitive mind, patience and awareness of others.

Presently, we are building up a members database, with the aspiration of running an event mid-August in central Bristol. Once we have enough members for a discussion group an event will be posted on Meet-up.

Topics that are being considered are:

Thoughts on… Community

Thoughts on… Freedom

Thoughts on….Love

Thoughts on….Conflict

Thoughts on… Individualit

Past events (2)

Thoughts on... Freedom

Robin Hood pub

Thoughts on... Community