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Hi There 👋🏻 I’m Alexandra!

Really excited to have the opportunity to share something that I have (thankfully) recently been introduced to. This essential oil company I believe is real & true from their initial start to their continued everyday growth (@younglivingeo). If interested, I would love for you to follow along or better yet join our "oil journey"/ lifestyle - which is turning out to be so much more than I thought it would. Often times in the past I have been skeptical with all the different kinds of oils & "natural" remedies I see out there - so if you have any questions or doubts like I originally did - please ask away! Believe me - I have done my research! I will be starting to host fun - homegrown events locally if you or someone you know would like to join. You can learn more about all the benefits to living a natural, non toxic & healthy way of life but more importantly meet people within our own community! 🌿

You can also choose to follow along here (Instagram Plug) 👉🏻 @onlytheoilyessentials if you’d like for more info on how to get a starter kit going, FAQ’s, info on upcoming events & how this company can serve as a platform for what you love & believe in.

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