• Innovation Workshop: AR and VR | The Future of Enterprise Technology

    Overview During this workshop, you’ll get a glimpse into virtual and augmented reality technologies that organizations are beginning to adopt and will become commonplace in the near future. From the basics all the way to real-world examples, learn and see how AR/VR technology is making an impact in businesses and organizations in more ways than one. -- Workshop Details: ● AR and VR ○ The Basics ○ Key Players ● Mixed Reality and XR ○ What is MR? XR? ● Hardware vs. Software ○ Mobile to HMD ○ How to we create, publish or try new content? ● Industry & Ecosystem Report ○ General Industry Knowledge ○ Industry Health Report ○ What’s next? ● Real-world Use Cases ○ Who is using this now? ○ How are they using this? ○ What is the benefit? ● Live Demos ○ Time for some Fun! The goal of the AR and VR | The Future of Enterprise Technology workshop is to help you better understand current VR/AR technologies and how organizations are currently utilizing these technologies.