• Innovation Workshop: AR and VR | The Future of Enterprise Technology

    Overview During this workshop, you’ll get a glimpse into virtual and augmented reality technologies that organizations are beginning to adopt and will become commonplace in the near future. From the basics all the way to real-world examples, learn and see how AR/VR technology is making an impact in businesses and organizations in more ways than one. -- Workshop Details: ● AR and VR ○ The Basics ○ Key Players ● Mixed Reality and XR ○ What is MR? XR? ● Hardware vs. Software ○ Mobile to HMD ○ How to we create, publish or try new content? ● Industry & Ecosystem Report ○ General Industry Knowledge ○ Industry Health Report ○ What’s next? ● Real-world Use Cases ○ Who is using this now? ○ How are they using this? ○ What is the benefit? ● Live Demos ○ Time for some Fun! The goal of the AR and VR | The Future of Enterprise Technology workshop is to help you better understand current VR/AR technologies and how organizations are currently utilizing these technologies.

  • When Artificial Intelligence (AI) meets Human Intelligence (HI) -IEEE/CTCNEvent

    Hosted By IEEE CTCN and Austin Life Member (https://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/m/196076) When Artificial Intelligence (AI) meets Human Intelligence (HI):A Road to World Wide Intelligence (WWI) The technology transformation across industries is happening at an exponential pace. The presentation, “When Artificial Intelligence (AI) meets Human Intelligence (HI)”, will provide a window into the future of the impact of this transformation on the human resources departments across the world. The journey will include the history of human evolution to the rise of AI and modern-day technologies. It will also discuss how we can prepare for the upcoming revolution and thrive in the new world. Speaker Biography: Adil Dalal is the Director, Solution Architecture, at Hitachi Global Digital Holdings, Global Social Innovation Business. He is a technical and business solutions expert for digital enterprise and IoT solutions across multiple industry verticals. Prior to that he was the CEO of Pinnacle Process Solutions, Intl®, LLC; past-Chair of ASQ's Human Development & Leadership division and past-Education and Certification Chair of Lean Enterprise Division of ASQ. Adil’s book "The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence: A Lean Approach to Improving Project Results" is the winner of the prestigious “2015 ASQ Philip B. Crosby Medal”, “2014 Shingo Research and Publication award” and “2013 Axiom Best Business book award”. Adil has also authored "A Legacy Driven Life" and co-authored ASQ's “Lean Handbook” for Bronze Certification. He has pioneered several innovations like: Sensei Leadership™, iLean® Technology, iCulture™, Lean Project leadership™, Holistic Lean®, and other advanced technologies like The V-Factor™ and Pinnacle Performance Zone™. Adil has 2 Masters degrees, several certification in IoT, Quality and Project Management and is pursuing his PhD in Performance Psychology. Adil is also a distinguished global keynote speaker, an award-winning author and the recipient of “2014 Global Award for Outstanding contribution to Quality & Leadership”.

  • Introduction to LoRA in Mbed OS with The Things Network (TTN)

    National Instruments Corporation

    **LIMITED SPACE - PLEASE RSVP IN ADVANCE Workshop Details: This is a hands on workshop focused on using the LoRA API's in Mbed OS with the Semtech SX1272MB2DAS LoRA Shield. We will cover how to use the LoRA Stack, how to connect to The Things Network backend and mayhaps even develop a web app that pulls your data out! Topics covered will include - Overview of LoRA connectivity specification - LoRA Stack in Mbed OS - Sending data to / from board using The Things Network backend - Basic WebApp to access the data from The Things Network ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Note: Lender boards will be provided for this event. Participants will need to bring a laptop for this event (Linux / Mac / Windows). We will do our best to provide mbed boards for all who attend, but may run out, in which case we will pair people up for the workshop section. • What to bring Bring a laptop as this is a hands on workshop driven event, Linux, Windows, OSX, any is fine. I recommend having chrome or firefox installed as well. • Important to know BRING A LAPTOP! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Presenter: Austin Blackstone Bio:"“I build awesome and get stuff done!” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • SXSW: Lightpump event


    https://lightpump.splashthat.com/ (Free Admission)

  • Workshop: Advanced Technologies, and the Human Experience (limited to first 30)

    Workshop Details: Experience first-hand cutting technologies like drones, VR and others in a placid lake-front setting and understand how technologies can be used to enhance the human existence. Note: Limited to 30 participants only – reserve your experience as early as possible and make sure you come if you RSVP. Thanks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Human beings are the most advanced technology on our planet. Just like these technologies are constantly upgrading their software, we can do the same as humans. Let’s begin exploring the fundamental tools and building blocks to optimize our human bodies. We invite you to Guinn Partners for an immersive workshop experience where we will demo cutting edge drone technology include immerse FPV goggles with head tracking, breath work, and virtual reality. The experience is designed around broadening your perspective, unlocking your human potential through breath work and dropping you into the world immersive world of virtual reality. Please dress comfortably, with the ability to sit on the ground, play in VR, and move freely. About Guinn Partners Guinn Partners is an accelerator and digital agency for startups and established high-tech brands. We specialize in the UAV and robotics industries but work on projects across applications. Our team helps launch products, evaluate new markets, and execute state-of-the-art marketing strategies. Everyone at Guinn Partners comes from high-tech company backgrounds; we’ve invented products, won and lost market battles, and understand many types of complex technologies and how to bring them to market. The Guinn team, including Colin Guinn (Founder), Christie Woods (Integrated Sex, Love & Relationship Coach), and Adam Hoffman (Wellness Tech) will be the expert hosts you will make this experience immersive, enjoyable and memorable.

  • 2 Events:OpExNext-A Meetup of Choice+Practical AI:The What, the Why, and the How

    Event 1: OpExNext: A Meetup of Choice This interactive session will discuss how technologies like IoT, IIoT, AI/ML Drones, Autonomous vehicles, Robotics, 3D printing AR/VR and other advanced tech are changing our world as we know it. However, to be successful, technology is not enough - we will need a holistic model for excellence which goes beyond technology and will directly impact our businesses and every aspect of our respective lives. It will be followed by the mission, vision of OpExNext meetup group and introduction of the committee members. It will provide an overview of the immediate and long-term value of being part of this advanced meet-up group which will serve professionals, corporations, students, veterans and creative individuals from all walks of life. ------------------------------------------- Presenter: Adil Dalal and OpExNext Committee members: Adil Dalal is the Director, Solution Architecture, and an executive leader with 30+ years of experience developing and delivering pioneering, customized enterprise-wide digital solutions across industries globally. He has led over 350 strategic and tactical lean six sigma, leadership development, software development, factory re-layouts and Merger and Acquisition programs globally across various industries. Adil coaches global executives and government leaders internationally to enhance the value of human potential and optimize performance of leaders, individuals and organizations. Adil is also a distinguished global keynote speaker, an award-winning author and the recipient of “2014 Global Award for Outstanding contribution to Quality & Leadership”. ***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Event 2: Practical AI: The What, the Why, and the How ** INCLUDES A DEMONSTRATION AI is reinventing the way we solve problems with data. From improving forecast accuracy to categorizing future events, our data contains hidden insights that can be used to improve lives, drive certainty, and increase productivity. But aren’t these insights hard to extract? Don’t I need a data scientist or a degree in statistics to make it actionable? In short— not any longer. We’ve all heard about AI and are already using it in our daily life, but what is it and how does it work? How is Machine Learning different from AI? And what tools exist to simplify and automate specialized but tedious data science practices? Join Keith Moore, Director of Product Management, and Carlos Pazos, Product Marketing Manager, from SparkCognition to learn about AI and Machine Learning basics and get a peek into how we can use AI to build AI. ---------------------------------------------------- Presenters: Keith Moore is the Director of Product Management at SparkCognition and is responsible for the development of the IoT product line (SparkPredict®). He specializes in applying advanced data science and natural language processing algorithms to complex data sets. Moore previously worked for National Instruments as an analog-to-digital converter and vibration software product manager. Prior to that, he developed client software solutions for major oil and gas, aerospace, and semiconductor organizations. Carlos Pazos is a Product Marketing Manager at SparkCognition responsible for automated model building and natural language processing solutions. He specializes in the real-world implementation of AI-based technologies for the Oil & Gas, Utilities, Aerospace, Finance, and Defense sectors. Pazos previously worked for National Instruments as an IIoT embedded software and distributed systems product marketing manager. He specialized in real-time systems, heterogeneous computing architectures, industrial communication protocols, and analytics at the edge.