Building interoperable smart contracts


This workshop is intended to cover how to apply and build upon open source common interfaces, ie. how to build smart contracts on other people’s smart contracts.

Key topics

- Open sourcing in Ethereum (EVM code, Etherscan contract verification)
- Common interfaces in ethereum (ERC-20, 721, etc) - the most basic building blocks for smart contract interoperability
- Why smart contract interoperability is a big deal (one big computer, not only cloning/forking code, but directly using someone else's running software instance with ease, seamlessly) -> one big open, decentralized interoperating ecosystem, web of smart contracts
- Examples #DeFi: DEXs/Maker, Decentralized arbitration/dispute resolution, RanDAO, Aragon, distric0x
- Workshop exercise: Make and ERC-721 adapter for a MakerDAO CDP

Our guest speaker is Peter Ujvary, Smart contract architect of Solidity Services and former software developer of Maker DAO!

Detailed agenda is coming soon!

Anyone is welcomed who are interested in decentralized applications, we are focusing on the theoretical side at the beginning, followed by some practice afterwards!