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This group is for anyone interested in drawing, specifically figure drawing. There is no instruction in this session, but participants will find a serious studio, well equipped with easels and drawing boards, with great models and energetic participants. Participants will be connected to a rich community of serious artists and art lovers at The O'Keefe Studio Center, and can find additional figure drawing sessions each week with instruction, should they need that. www.theokeefestudio.com

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Wednesday Open Figure Drawing/Painting at The O'Keefe Studio Center

The O'Keefe Studio


Each Wednesday, from 1:30 to 4:30, The O'Keefe Studio Center will host an in-person figure drawing/painting session WITHOUT instruction.

This coming week: One long pose, Brian is the model.

Participants must secure a spot using meetup.com. NO DROP-INS - if you are not listed as an "Attendee" on the meetup.com page then there is not a spot for you. There will be a limit of 10 artists for each session, including the moderator.

Payment of $25 (CASH ONLY) will be taken at the beginning the drawing session.

Doors open at 1:10.

Mask wearing at these sessions is now optional, until further notice.

Participants MUST be older than 18.

This event is for serious, mature and respectful individuals only.

Respect the model at all times.

NEVER take photos of the models.

Only the moderator will give the model instruction or corrections on the pose. Everyone else will voice their concerns through the moderator. This is an important part of respecting the model; it is very stressful to have multiple people barking requests at a model.

Be respectful of your mates. Respect the studio and studio furniture.

The session will be led by the moderator - all other participants will need to go with the flow. The moderator will welcome input from all participants at appropriate times.

If you are late you must wait in the hallway to be let into the classroom by the moderator during the model's break.


If you reserve a spot and do not show for the session you will be asked to pay the $25 for the missed session. If someone claims a spot, does not show and does not pay they will be banned from the group.

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