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Please note that this is not a sexual space, or a space to seek dating partners. It is a welcoming and queer friendly space to meet fellow open folks, in a non-sexualized environment, for support, education, and camaraderie.

We define "Open" as a person who practices -- or is curious about the practice of -- consensual non-monogamous relationships, and who is accepting of the ways in which others may practice their own consensual relationships, including people who identify as LGBTQIA.

We define "Polyamory" as a subclass of non-monogamous practices, which include a wide variety of possible arrangements and which tends to emphasize the informed consent of all involved. There's not one right way to be polyamorous.

We invite everyone to use labels in a way that is empowering. We label our identity. (“I'm poly” or “I’m kinky”) Or we label our behavior. (“I practice polyamory” or “I enjoy kinky stuff”) But a label is not a box. You can only be in one box. You can have many labels. Or none. Use labels to express your sexuality, your gender, your life-style; never to limit self expression in yourself or others.

With that said, here are some labels that we use to identify people who may find value in this group:

relationship styles: monogamous, monogamish, polyamorous, relationship anarchist, kinkster, fluid, explorer, swinger...

sexual identity: straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, hetero-flexible, homo-flexible...

gender identity: male, female, queer, transgender, cisgender, non-binary...

This list is not exhaustive.

If you have any question about how you might fit into this group, please ask.

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