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We have long been told to “follow our heart”—and through Open Heart Meditation we are naturally helped to begin enjoying this very real, beautiful and spiritual experience for ourselves.

Open Heart Meditation is a guided meditation that is simple to learn and easy to practice. Closing your eyes, relaxing, smiling to your heart, and just enjoying are the main steps. This meditation is a purely experiential, feeling oriented practice. Enjoyed alone or in a group, the process of opening and strengthening your heart is joyful, freeing, relaxing, and completely natural. This is not a serious meditation practice that involves rigid training, perfect technique, or any sort of effort or hard work. It is enjoyable and effortless. Smiling naturally is a spontaneous extension of the true joy in our hearts.

In Asheville, we have a weekly drop in meditation every Tuesday 7-8 pm (see meetups for details). Please come and try it out.

We also offer Open Heart Workshops (levels 1-6) several times a year, taught by certified Open Heart Instructors, which are day long experiential workshops. Please visit www.wncheart.com (http://www.wncheart.com/) for more information on Open Heart Workshops.

Open Heart Meditation is a gentle and deeply effective form of meditation centered around naturally experiencing the feelings of peace, joy, gratitude and connection to the Source of Love and Light, that are always easily accessible within our spiritual heart. This enjoyable and relaxing meditation also helps our heart to be effortlessly cleansed of negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, and dissatisfaction.

Open Heart Meditation is Universal and Nondenominational. This meditation directly opens and connects our heart to True Source, the Source of Love and Light. We use the term “True Source” to refer to the True Source of our true selves—our Creator. However, you are free and encouraged to use whatever word feels right for you—God, Father, Spirit, Universe, etc. The Open Heart Meditation and associated workshops are based on the unifying principle that everyone has a spiritual heart and that our spiritual heart is the key to our connection with the Source of our true self, making this practice welcoming, encouraging and respectful of all cultures and religious beliefs.

In being able to open and use our spiritual heart, we are blessed with the gift of a lasting peace and happiness that we can feel—truly, deeply and really feel—in our daily lives. Our everyday life is actually a manifestation of how strongly we are connected to True Source. Thus, an open heart is also the real key to our spiritual advancement in getting closer to True Source, the Source of Eternal Peace and True Joy.

Through Open Heart Meditation and the natural and effortless process of opening our hearts, we can enjoy even more benefits. In meditating from the heart level, we are able to:

· Live from our hearts with a greater sense of happiness, fulfillment, positivity, purpose, and gratitude

· Reduce daily stress and restore physical, mental and emotional well-being, enhancing the natural healing process

· Improve our spiritual growth and strengthen our direct connection with True Source, the Source of Love and Light

· Learn how to forgive others and ourselves, which is transformational when done through the heart

· Allow our heart to be cleansed of negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, and dissatisfaction

· Achieve more joyful and meaningful meditations, even for those new to meditation practice

Open Heart Meditation is profoundly different from “mindful” meditation practices as it is not based on brain-centered exercises, creative visualizations or breathing techniques. Instead, Open Heart Meditation™ focuses on enjoying and following the feelings originating within our spiritual heart, which are always sweet, light, calm and gentle. The difference between heart and brain dominant meditation is obvious when we consider the fact that whenever we experience feelings such as love, happiness, peacefulness, gratitude, and longing they are clearly felt in our heart, not thought in our head.

If you have any questions or comments, or just want to hear about Open Heart Meditation from someone who practices this meditation and has greatly benefited from it, please call Valerie, at 541-914-0431 or email us at ohworkshopswnc@gmail.com.

We look forward to sharing this wonderful meditation with you.

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Open Heart Meditation Free Public Sessions In Person!

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Open Heart Meditation Free Public Sessions In Person!

Center for Conscious Living & Dying


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