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"We are meant to be happy. That has always been something we strive for in this life. In fact, if we look at the motivations behind our thoughts and action conscious and unconscious they are all to get us closer to the feeling, or at least the idea, of happiness.

Some of us have long asked why we cannot hold on to happiness.
For all of the scholarship and human insights across the centuries, nobody has found a complete and enduring answer. Perhaps because it has been too close to see… The answer, the key, is our heart."

Irmansyah Effendi, M.Sc., Founder Padmacahaya Institute

Have you ever wondered what Reiki, or energy healing feels like? Are you feeling stress in your life and need a relaxing break from it all? Then join us to experience Reiki Tummo!

Reiki Tummo is a gentle, yet effective, form of energy healing based on the heart. Our spiritual heart is the key to our connection to the Divine, the Source of Love and Light. In Reiki Tummo we rely on our heart connection to channel Reiki, Divine Energy, to ourselves and others. With thousands of practitioners worldwide, Reiki Tummo has safely and successfully helped countless people all over the world. It is very good for relieving stress, clearing stuck emotions and energetic blockages, helping to bring balance and healing to your whole being.

You will learn how to connect to your spiritual heart through Open Heart Meditation and receive a group Reiki Tummo healing.

This Meetup is FREE. There is no admission fee but we do ask that you RSVP since space is limited.


• Helps to relax & reduce stress

• Connect & strengthen your heart

• Clear negativities & emotional baggage to lighten your heart

• Become heart centered and enjoy peace from within


• Cleanses the body, chakras & energy channels

• Heals physical, mental, emotional & other non-physical problems

• Increases your energy

• Raises your awareness


1. Introductions and explanation of Reiki Tummo & the Spiritual Heart

2. Heart Strengthening technique (group guiding)

3. Open Heart Meditation

4. Group healing with Reiki Tummo

If you have any questions you can send us an email at

Download a Guided Recording of Open Heart Meditation™

The Open Heart Meditation is now available for download in MP3 format on iTunes and CD Baby for $2.99. Click here to download from iTunes ( or CD Baby (

Beautifully guided by the founder Irmansyah Effendi, this gentle and deeply effective 30 minute meditation guides us to relax, release negativities, and helps us to feel the peace, calmness, joy, and gratitude that is always in our spiritual hearts, our direct connection to the Creator.

Read the best selling book – Smile to Your Heart Meditations: Simple Practices for Peace, Health and Spiritual Growth™

An easy, step-by-step guide to opening, feeling and enjoying your heart, Smile to Your Heart Meditations will teach you to naturally:

♥ Experience the calmness and happiness within your heart

♥ Achieve deeper, more joyful and experiential meditations

♥ Recognize the difference between using your brain and your heart

♥ Let your heart be strengthened and cleansed of negativities

♥ Improve your beautiful connection with the Divine Source

♥ Rely on your heart more in your interactions with others

♥ Allow more joy and positive energy to flow throughout your life

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