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To Be, Or Not To Be is no longer the question, but the key to living a fulfilled life. Each one of us is a unique being with special gifts and a place in life, society and humanity. You have a biosignature and a role that cannot be replaced by anyone else. It is time to own up to this fact - to embrace your uniqueness and your personal inner strength.

In today’s society, and particularly in Silicon Valley, we benefit from tremendous technical and scientific achievements; at the same time we continue to dwell in deep quests for a spiritual and connected life that gives us more answers than the daily chores and duties. Yet sometimes we do things we do not enjoy. We doubt our role, significance, and power to evolve ourselves and contribute to the world in a deeply meaningful and completely fulfilling way.

So what gets in the way? One useful answer lies in the evolution of humanity, and biology/epigenetics.
We are sometimes unaware of how much we influence each other with our emotions and thoughts.

We often hold, unconsciously, patterns, beliefs and feelings that come from our families and society. Imprinting and traumas can occur at many stages during our childhood, starting even before our birth, in fact starting in generations prior. What we learn drives our behavior, life experiences and interactions with each other, often unconsciously.

Is there a solution? What if it would take only ONE GENERATION to create a peaceful planet, with a productive and fun society, and happy and joyful citizens? What if all children would be given the loving care and attention they deserve, and have all their needs fulfilled.

As Alan Watts said "There is no question or possibility of abandoning technology and retreating into simple and sentimental anarchy. What we really need is a technology managed by people who no longer experience “self” as something foreign to the body and its physical environment".

What would that society look like?

The Open Horizons Meetup is for those curious to explore new possibilities of freedom from old patterns and entanglements. Change your viewpoint and you change your world/life. This is done through family constellations, family history, the language of the subconscious and compassion. The process is one of defragmenting and restoration of your brain filing system! When we integrate what was difficult we can restore forgotten positive memories and have joyful and healthy lives.

Whether you are in the professional or spiritual environment, we invite you to come and explore your issues whether they are health, relationships, well-being or financial.

What Can You Expect? This learning, healing and exploration process can empower you to remove the glass ceiling on the level of success, relationships, and health you allow yourself to enjoy. And if you are having fun while doing it, you are already there.

The Organizer is a PhD Biologist with 30+ years of experience in developmental biology and genetics and 10+ years with biological experiments on the International Space Station; she has trained with Mark Wolynn, John Payne and Stephan Hausner in the resolution of emotions and patterns associated with inherited trauma through Family Constellations. She also works with the Compassion Key® to address the language part of the brain, and is a Reiki Master Teacher - a Japanese art of subtle energy healing. She has a deep interest in the science of inherited trauma and human interactions. She thinks that science is intuitive and fun, and that biology has the potential to unlock many mysteries, while technology is totally cool when developed and used adequately. She loves art and kids and has worked with many children and students. Her passion is humanity, and to help uncover the full potential, life force and ways of expression of each individual person.

Themes to be Explored: (examples)
• I Was Dropped on Planet Earth With No Instruction Manual
• Safety First for Freedom at Last
• Not Without My Mother: But I Don’t Want To Be Like Her! .. Guess What…☺
• Unlocking Success: Your Father May Have A Copy of the Key
• Healthy Orders of Love
• Positional Information – Where and Who Are You in Your Family and Community?
• Mind Your Own Business – Professional and Personal Success
• Hard at Work – Make it Work for You
• Walking the Talk: The Language of Inherited Trauma
• Lost in Translation: How Traumatic Events Filter What We See and Hear
• Fun, Facts, and Freedom
• My Higher Self Was Somewhere on Vacation
• My Soul Has Been Talking to Me, But My Listening Device Was Broken
• Are We There Yet?
• All Roads Lead to Rome: I Have Just Been on A Wildly Scenic Detour

Resources (Published books):
• “It Didn’t Start With You” by Mark Wolynn
• "The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations" by John Payne

• "Even If It Costs Me My Life" by Stephan Hausner
• "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk

• “Hardwiring Happiness”, by Rick Hansen
• “Impossible Compassion”, by Edward Mannix

• “The Golden Ratio” by Mario Livio
• “My Plan is to Act Randomly and Hope for the Best” – Scott Adams ☺

Additional resources will be provided during the meetup events.

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The Power of Your Biology - workshop

East West Bookshop

The Power of Your Biology

East West Bookshop

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Bay Area Inherited Trauma Workshop

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