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Open Jam Movement is a newly formed group in the Philippines which aims to connect like-minded individuals who enjoy music, want to share their passion and jam to their hearts out!

We know for a fact that not all jammers have an avenue to collaborate with vocalists, musicians or instrumentalists so we will try to bridge that gap.

Music is for everyone so a chance to play with each other should be available to all – whether you just want to listen or jam with us regardless of skill level – it doesn’t matter! :- )

Chill out, show some love and respect, and make the world a better place through music. Jammers unite! :- )


Open Jam Movement does not limit any individual or group from joining – this is regardless of age, race, religion, sexual preference, physical challenges, music/genre preference, profession, social status, skill levels, mainstream/independent, and/or any other restrictions. As long as you love music and respect each other’s individualities then you are good to go!

By joining this group, you are also allowing other members to message you directly/indirectly through this app or by any other means to collaborate or ask for questions.

We welcome all suggestions, opinions, and musical contributions. We would certainly appreciate if you can invite us to any event (from other groups here in Meetup or from other media) which you think will help us improve in managing Open Jam Movement. Cheers!

Sample future activities:

· Meet and greet

· Open jam sessions

· Recording sessions (solo, acoustic setup, band setup, etc.)

· Genre appreciation events (with some history)

· Gigs

· Listening parties

· Concerts

· Tutorial sessions (vocals, guitars, drums, recording, etc.)

· Music photography (if there are volunteers)

· New gadget/technology experience (if you want to share how to use a specific tool)

· Buy/sell/trade-in of musical instruments

I’ll be opening our discussion board on the side, so you can share whatever’s on your mind (like new music or video to share) or if you need some help or group support! J

P.S. I don’t have Facebook or Instagram account, so reach me through my Mobile/Viber number for any inquiries which you think cannot be posted publicly or message me directly here in Meetup

Saka isa pa guys pinaghirapan ko yung English translation neto pero wag kayo mag hesitate mag Tagalog o kung ano man language/dialect ang alam ninyo a! Thanks! \m/ Rock on!

MJ +639561860035

Past events (6)

January 2019 Jamming Session

Isla Musika Rehearsal Studios

Open Jam Session: OPM Hits!

Isla Musika Rehearsal Studios

Gig Night #2

Minokaua Jazz Bar

Toyota Music Fest

Filinvest City

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