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Value Investors & Software Engineers

A community gathering of investors and software engineers coming together to build an open source investment platform where all of the worlds markets are open to everyone.

Poverty and inequality exist today not because we don't have enough resources but because we don't know how to distribute wealth equitably. It is said that at the end of WWII US control 50 percent of all the world's resources. Today, 50 percent of all of the world's resources are control by US companies.

This meetup is a place where you can come and learn to understand the dynamic of fundamental analysis in investing in US Equity/Shares. We want to spread the know-how with hands-on analysis. The best way to learn is by doing. The goal is to teach and figure out how to make it easier for you to learn.

We want to use technology to bridge the learning gap and simplify the process. The meetup's mission is to build an open source investment platform that aims to make investing in US Equity/Shares more accessible to everyone in the world. We start with US markets than slowly expand to include other markets.

If you would like to learn about value investing or work with technology this is an incredible opportunity for you to do both. If you would like to work only on value investing or just with technology and you like the idea of working an open source project that everyone will have access to you are more than welcome.

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