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Healthy minds dance for joy! Come celebrate and explore the experiences of a lifetime! Meditate, dance, shake, visualize , draw, and talk to keep your mind and body in good health. Find the skills that work for you!

This is the place where you get to try out different experiences from the field of Mind-Body Medicine. Mind-Body Medicine is an up and coming integrative health perspective. It links our overall health to the connection between our mind and body. Most people talk about the benefits of Mind-Body Medicine as learning skills for good health. Its true benefit to you is having experiences which positively affect you. The experience of participating with this group will positively change your understanding. You won't know what you've been missing until you try it. Similar experiences improved my outlook on life a thousand fold! I am healthier than I've ever been, where it really counts! in my head! The impact of this positive change in my life and everyone around me has been astonishing. Care to be astonished?

I wish I could say that meditation is the best way to start. Its how I started, its what I'm best at, and its how I got to be here. After seeing the experiences others have had by participating in Mind-Body exercises I have to say its not! Mind-Body exercises work faster and are more fun! Meditation is the purest mental exercise though and can become a wonderful part of your life as well. This group will engage you on many levels from dancing for joy to the deepest meditative experience.


Outside of being a genius with a passion for this stuff, who am I? Professionally I am a civil engineer with 19 years of experience. I've loved playing sports my whole life. I am very competitive and fair! I am not affiliated with any religion. Malyn, co-organizer, is my girlfriend, she works professionally as a pediatrician. In addition to our personal experience we have both received training through the Center of Mind Body Medicine in Washington DC. As I mentioned earlier, this training provides alternatives to meditation that can achieve similar results, sometimes even faster than meditation!


Meditation is a label for many activities which are universal to humanity. Even the simple act of conversing with another person can be a meditative experience. Physical relaxation can also coincide with a meditative experience. When I talk about meditation it includes these types of introductory experiences and more advanced skills. I started this group because I've benefited enormously from meditating, and it all began unknowingly; I didn't know I was meditating! To be honest, I just wanted to be happy. I've discovered how to be happier, how to allow myself to be at my best without thinking about it. Everyone wants to know the answer, How? The secret is...this gritty stuff called emotions. Emotions are there to help us, not just some emotions, all of them. The more this is understood, the more beautiful life becomes. For many people, there are times emotions do not help, its these that can be transformed. Emotions are difficult to work with by their very nature. The group is intended to provide an environment to help you with these in the best possible way, have some fun, share some stories, relax, and also work through some of those emotions. Not me you might say? How can you afford the time? How can you not? What would you give to be happier every day for the rest of your life? I just wish I had figured this stuff out sooner! The goal is to create habitual positive experiences, as natural as brushing your teeth before you go to bed. The result? Living more beautifully with each passing day.

Although I love to use positive words like happiness and beauty when thinking about this stuff, understand this isn't about focusing on being happy, to the detriment of your emotional range, sadness, anger, grief. Its about changing your perspective and experience of living, so that you experience the best possible emotion for the moment you are in. Its not about ignoring the past or the future but finding a way to understand them in new ways. Its by experiencing transformations of perspective personally that change happens. Again, the secret is not to study, but to experience. In this group, the goal is to have a range of transformational experiences, some will incrementally affect you almost without notice, others will be immediately life altering. There are mind-body exercises which can lead to instantaneous transformational experiences and these will be used to augment the core mediation. The point is to set time aside to develop skills for making life easier, fuller, with more happiness, calm, and resilience.

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