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Hello and welcome,

The light burns deep in all of us. It is time for us to commence our journey together. In this gathering, we will take our first steps towards freedom with the power of understanding, and dissemination of truth. We will view the ice burg and discuss the tip of it.
This gathering is where you will understand the basic requirements of a pathfinder. I must express that these requirements are purely mental and spiritual, nothing financial or forced.
You are invited to break free of the energy draining mechanisms that reduce our force and limit self-actualization.
Leave the excuses at home and learn something that may change your life for the better.

The topics that will be discussed are as follows:
Seeing one's self properly
Observation of SELF
Cycles of SELF
Levels of being
Internal Considering
Rain Drop theory
and Middle Ground

These topics are all designed for one to gain a complete understanding of SELF, to control all aspects of one's reality, so that they may reach enlightenment. Think of this a toolbox. Some tools you may need so you take, others you may not need so you leave.


Bobby Laughlin