What we're about

This group is for people who know deep down that there is more to our existence than just living, working and dying. Open your mind, and think deeply. Experience life truly aligned with your purpose. Free your energy from draining thoughts, feelings, experiences. Remove the shackles. Take a step towards enlightenment.
What this group consists of is:
Work from Gurdjieff, and authors on his work. (Representing the 4th way)
Work from Sadhguru, and inner engineering.
Works from ancient arts of mysticism such as yogic works, and energy works.
Managing Emotions
Managing Mind
Managing Body
Managing Energy
Removing bad habits/applying good habits
Identifying SELF
Controlling SELF
There are many more to list, but you get the idea.

This group is for individuals who are serious about reaching a new caliber of existence and those looking for inner peace, and mental clarity. We all can become bogged down by autonomous thoughts and feelings that we seemingly have no control of. This is where you figure out how to control these entities from within.

Rules of the group
1. Respect all members of the group at all times.
2. Always remain open-minded.
3. No arguing, however, a respectful debate/disagreement is acceptable.

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First step: Introduction

St Clair County Community College

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