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This group is a open resource for events that are of an Open Minded nature in the Memphis and Surrounding areas (with in 1 hour traveling distance). The type of events promoted in this group are in the line of, but not limited to the below examples.

Holistic, Energy Healing, Yoga, Reiki, Crystals, Meditation, New Age, Ancient Practices, Metaphysical, Spirituality, Ancient forms of Music, Drumming, Singing Bowls, Toning, etc.

Please be aware that this group will have multiple events posted from different locations and hosts. Take note of the contact information for each event.

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You have to join the Meetup Group - this gives the added benefit of people being able to contact you easily, interact and ask questions.

Contact Rena Tortuga the Group Organizer about the events you want to post, if the events fall into theme with the group then you will be made an event host so you can post with freedom.

All events must have a location, your location can be set so it is only visible to group members.

Contact information so attendees can contact you. email, fb, website, phone number, etc.

Title your event with the area - You will notice all events have area descriptions ie. cordova, downtown, midtown, bartlett, etc.

Once approved you are responsible for managing your posts, if you need to announce/cancel/delete an event do so asap so that the group is notified. If complaints arise you will be asked to not post.

We ask for Donations from those who wish to post events. This will help to pay for the cost of the group. Contact Rena Tortuga for how to donate through paypal, venom or cash app.

If you are unsure about anything or have questions contact Rena Tortuga.

Upcoming events (5+)

Cordova - Reiki Share - for the Public every other Thursday

Reiki Share - for the Public every other Thursday End your week with a Reiki Tune up. Open to all. Pure Light/Diksha Blessing also available. (Unknown Practitioner's please bring your Reiki Certification to practice) Practitioner's come to Practice and receive. Rena will be available to share her Grounding Turtle Medicine. $10.00 for the House What can Reiki do for you? • Promotes Health and Well-being • Helps with Pain Management. • Encourages Mental Clarity. • Releases Stress & Tension. • Relieves Depression. • Reduces Anxiety. • Aids Relaxation. • Improves Sleep. • Soothes Digestion • Strengthens Self-Esteem • Heightens Self-Awareness & Intuition • Offers Support For Substance Abuse Recovery Reiki is a holistic system of healing and works on the four main levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. What does Reiki feel like? A treatment will feel like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. You may feel a tingling or cooling sensation. It is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and can be used to complement all other medical or therapeutic techniques. When you receive Reiki healing, you lay fully-clothed on a treatment table, a chair, laying on a mat etc. while the Reiki practitioner places their hands lightly on different parts of your body. Doors close at 9pm, please be in the door before 8:30pm to receive. Contact The Turtle House for more information [masked] How to Find out more about The Turtle House FB: @TheTurtleHouse Instagram: @The.Turtle.House Website: http://www.TheTurtleHouse.guru - under construction

Cordova - Time to Tarot - Oracle Card Practice Night

The Turtle House

The Turtle House Announces Time to Tarot - Oracle Card Practice Night - $10.00 Have you always wanted to try Tarot/Oracle Cards, but you just weren't sure? Have Tarot/Oracle cards sparked a curiosity in you? Maybe you thought you were not capable of getting results from working with Oracle Cards. This is a Practice Night for all people, it doesn't matter if you have read Cards for years or not at all. Come on by for a little while or the whole night (open door until 9pm) share your knowledge, meet others who are interested in Tarot/Oracle Cards. Get your hands on a deck or 2 or 3. (some decks for exploring are available) Or bring your own decks and practice your reading talent. We will be giving each other and ourselves readings along with association and lots of laughs and fun. Rena will be there to guide you along in your journey. From Rena: I was gifted my first set of Cards when I was in my early twenties. My first adventures in reading cards started as a teenager, with basic playing cards. I have been reading cards using various decks for over 20 years. I am here to help you find your own unique way of reading and feel confident in your own natural abilities. So lets have some fun together, it's Time to Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact Rena at The Turtle House for more information [masked] How to Find out more about The Turtle House FB: @TheTurtleHouse Instagram: @The.Turtle.House Meet Up: http://www.meetup.com/The-Turtle-House Website: www.TheTurtleHouse.guru (http://www.theturtlehouse.guru/) - under construction

Mid-town - Violet Flame for Healing and Reiki Share

Pu-Lin Buddhist Temple

The radiance of this Violet Flame contains the powerful frequencies of forgiveness and transmutation. These frequencies are available to all of us, Violet Flame Session, 5 to 6 pm, followed by Reiki Share from 6 to 9 pm. Share by Reiki Practitioners who dedicate their time for the community. You can attend either or both, there is no charge. Donations to the Temple are always appreciated. Location: Pu-Lin Buddhist Temple Address: 3004 South Mendenhall Road, Memphis, Tn 38115 NOTE: Located on SOUTH Mendenhall (some are going to Mendenhall instead of South Mendenhall) Nearest Main Streets (On South Mendenhall/Corner of Dargen Road - Between Cottonwood Road and Knights Arnold Road) Look for the Big Budda. Looking forward to experiencing this energy with others aware of problems and desiring to be part of the solution. Facilitator: Jennifer Ledbetter [masked]

Mindfulness Meditation Daytime

DwiPada Yoga Studio

Learn and practice techniques to calm mind and body and cultivate a peaceful mental state. There are so many proven benefits for both mind and body with meditation. We meet weekly at DwiPada Yoga at 1310 Goodman Road E in Southaven. It is on Stonegate Street across the street from Kohls and behind Lonnie Tant's Italian Restaurant in the Jaylo Fitness building. The group is free of charge. It is great for beginners and experienced mediators alike. There will be a short "how-to" and then two short meditation sessions followed by Q&A. To attend, download the MindBody app, search for DwiPada Yoga and book yourself through the app.

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DwiPada Yoga Studio

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