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Today open source is ubiquitous and comprises nearly 80% – 90% of the code in a “typical” application. Based on GitHub’s 2019 Octoverse, the average project is built on ~180 open source packages of dependencies. What most people don't realize is that open source is made by people just like you.

This group is for folks interested in contributing to open source projects. These events will host open source maintainers from around the world to provide insight into the projects and how others can contribute and join communities.

Join our group for updates on upcoming events. Also, join our discord (https://discord.com/invite/gZMKK5q) to share projects you are contributing to or would like to contribute to.

All Open Sauced members, much adhere by the Code of Conduct (https://github.com/open-sauced/code-of-conduct).

Past events (15)

Process time series data, faster - with Brian Thomas Smith

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Reusing GitHub Apps and Actions with Gregor Martynus

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