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Info-sharing meetup?
The group has been quiet and I wanted to resume meeting up but with a bit more focus on a more solid agenda. My thought is to meet up, introduce each other, describe our projects that we're working on, and maybe talk about topics that we're proud to share info on or need help on. Then we could plan future meetups around topics that we're interested in or need help on. Alternatively maybe do a mini-hackathon or something. The other topic I'm wondering about, is whether we should have the next meetup at the CHSI boardroom on Green Valley pkwy, or should we move it to maybe the InNevation center? Please comment your preference!

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    Meetup for those who want to learn and share information about using open source technologies with Microsoft infrastructures. Azure, SignalR, Web.API, Entity Framework, for solid reliable applications combined with HTMLbars, Handlebars, Ember, Angular, Node, and all kinds of other cool awesome JavaScript libraries that can really bring your web applications to the next level!

    We're looking for people who really want to learn this stuff, but what you do during the day job might be very different. For a lot of people with backgrounds with Microsoft technology, they may work on more traditional applications (even just old school webforms with maybe ajaxtoolkits or other somewhat abandoned Microsoft technologies), but we're going to be doing a lot of talking about what might be fun to do in your spare time, your next job, or even techniques that can improve what you're working on today!

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