What we're about

Howdy [ Insert your Open-Source Scripting/DevOps/Other Interest here ] Users,

Group Goals & Desires:

- "The ability to grok more of the universe than that piece you happen to
be standing on at the moment."
- "Audacity, always audacity" — soundest principle of strategy... when your case
seems hopeless, you must impress the jury with your relaxed certainty."
- "belief is contagious; there is no limit to his[her] scope."
- "Share water. Never thirst."

So very pleased to meet you... Yes a startup, but hopefully a grow-up -- given interest, passion, activity, & desire... to educate
not just yourself,
but also mentor others,
& feel out to share that knowledge
& Open Sourcing vibe w/ reachings
Out into our local communities.

Seeking to entertain & engage other local IT professionals:
to cater to informational needs...
to embolden & enhance our future aspirations...
to give of themselves to a community that wants to give to other communities.

-- [ Not ONLY interested in a knowledge sharing, discussion, & mentoring group.

Seeking ACTIVE members who are interested in getting out there & involved LOCALLY. ]

-- Automated to Simplicity, with Flow --

# Current Working Config:

Input {
a Pipeline of Shared Knowledge

Filter {
Grok { For Fullness in Data }
Mutate { w/ Meta-Improvements }

Output {
for the Benefit of Others

- Please contact me here on Meetups:
[ https://www.meetup.com/members/276674391/ ]
- Or send me a link request -- [ https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-r-hampton/ ]
-- If interested in getting this off the ground & helping out more, Please Ping Me.

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