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This meetup focuses on open source, open tech and the open web. It is designed for technologists, decision makers, and students that either 1) currently work with open source technology or 2) want to learn more. It will feature talks by and networking with some of the top technologists in the country.

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Super fast inner loop application development with containers

Needs a location

We're thrilled to announce our first in-person meetup of 2022 for Open Source South Carolina! We've been virtual for a while due to COVID, but we're back!

The topic for the evening is a really interesting one - Super fast inner loop application development with containers. We're also thrilled to host a world-class speaker - Veer Muchandi with Google.

*Please note doors open at 6:00 pm and live programming begins at 6:30 pm sharp with community announcements. The featured session will begin at approximately 6:40 or so.

Lots of swag will be available - to include t-shirts and hats and stickers, as well as some really cool technology. We're also working to serve food and beverages, although it's still touch-and-go in this area due to COVID precautions. We'll keep everyone posted.

Veer Muchandi, AppMod Solution Manager, Google

Veer Muchandi is a Container and Cloud evangelist. As an Application Modernization Solution Manager at Google Cloud, he helps enterprises with Developer Productivity, Serverless implementations, Container Strategy, DevOps, Microservices strategy. Veer is an avid speaker, educator and blogger. He speaks regularly at ATO, DevNexus, DevOps days, DevOps Summit and other events.

Talk Title:
Super fast inner loop application development with containers

Talk Abstract:
Developers parse through inner loop multiple times a day while doing application development. Slower inner loop can waste a significant amount of time and is frustrating for developers. Also many enterprise developers don't use containers while doing application development in the inner loop. This causes their app dev environment to be much different from higher environments and different from how applications run in production. Even those developers that build containers locally have to spend a lot of time for every change to build a container and test.

In this session you will learn Google's approach to solve the above problems. We will introduce you to innovative application development process that helps

  • container based inner loop application development right from a developer's workstation
  • preconfigured developer environments (optional) running on cloud to onboard developers much faster
  • reduce the cycle time for code and test from mins to seconds with hot reloading to containers
  • using open source technologies such as skaffold to improve productivity
  • connect to 1st party and 3rd party services right when you are developing code
  • debug issues in containers with step-by-step debugging

SOCO in the Vista, but if that changes, we'll update this event right away.

SOCO in the Vista
808 Lady Street
Suite D
Columbia, SC 29201
Website: https://soco-work.com/

We thank the world-class sponsors making this event possible..
Camunda - https://camunda.com/
Fidelity Investments - https://www.fidelity.com/
AlmaLinux - https://almalinux.org/

Telling Stories with Big Data

Needs a location

June's meetup and the presentation topic should be extremely interesting. Big data and data analytics and intelligence are now central in today's world and impact everyone in ways never imagined.

The topic: Telling Stories with Big Data, featuring Garth Henson of Disney Streaming

Doors open at 6:00 pm, live programing begins at 6:30 pm ET sharp. We're also working to live stream and record this meetup as well - we will keep everyone posted.

Beverages will be served and we're considering food as well. We're still touch-and-go on the topic of serving food in a public/group setting - we will confirm a decision soon.

Speaker #1:
Garth Henson, Software Engineering Lead, Disney Streaming

Talk Title: Telling Stories with Big Data

In a world where data is king, we are constantly bombarded with infographics, charts, numbers, and other data that may or may not actually make sense. Access to massive volumes of data is at our fingertips, but it isn't always clear how to tell a story that is both accurate and relevant with it.

Join us for this session as we build some tools to help us manage our big data streams using open-source technologies. We will discuss important data topics such as partitioning, proper indexing, and redundancy to enable you to confidently tell a story with both accurate and relevant data you have collected!

We thank the world-class sponsors making this event possible..
AlmaLinux - https://almalinux.org/
Camunda - https://camunda.com/
Fidelity Investments - https://www.fidelity.com/

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