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Join us to hear guest speaker Leif Poorman describe his perspective of the Clojure philosophy and provide some demonstrations.

Created by Rich Hickey to serve as a modern, functional Lisp that worked with JVM, Clojure is a general-purpose language that came out in the mid-2000s. It has spawned several offshoots, including ClojureScript and ClojureCLR. From the wikipedia section on Clojure's philosophy:

"Clojure's approach to concurrency is characterized by the concept of identities, which represent a series of immutable states over time. Since states are immutable values, any number of workers can operate on them in parallel, and concurrency becomes a question of managing changes from one state to another. For this purpose, Clojure provides several mutable reference types, each having well-defined semantics for the transition between states."

Some of the topics Leif will touch on include Clojure's take on:

* Host interop

* Concurrency

* Data * Polymorphism

* Libraries / Frameworks

* Programming paradigms (FP, OO, etc)

* Metaprogramming

Leif is a physicist turned programmer who works with clojure a lot. He also has experience with common lisp, python, C and C++. He currently works for RoomKey, where he works as a "wear-lots-of-hats" backend developer.