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"All truth is in your heart, not in the physical heart, but in the core within yourself where your true self resides. To access that truth you must open your heart and Reiki TUMMO can help you do just that. When you learn Reiki TUMMO you are introduced to energy channeling for healing, but also as a tool to lead you into your heart so you can learn directly from your heart, rather than from others."

Irmansyah Effendi, M.Sc. (Founder)

Why connect to our Spiritual Heart? Our Spiritual Heart is the center of Peace, Calmness, and Joy! It is through our Spiritual Heart that we have a direct connection to our Creator, our True Source, the Source of all Love and Light in existence.

To explore the Joys of the Heart, please visit:


www.openheartmeditation.com (http://www.openheartmeditation.com/)

The Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Study offers Reiki Tummo and Open Heart Workshops to teach techniques that are easy to learn and practice by Hearts young and old. In both the Reiki Tummo and Open Heart workshops, the emphasis is on feeling and connecting to and through our Spiritual Heart, which is our key connection to our Creator, our True Source.

In addition, through NATURAL WAY OF LIVING (also established by Irmansyah Effendi, M.Sc.), Secrets of Natural Walking™ Workshops are offered to help participants reap the benefits from walking properly and naturally. For more information, please visit:

www.natural-walking.com (http://www.natural-walking.com/#!home---eng/c1zgv)

To experience Peace, Calmness, and Joy in your daily life, we warmly invite you to join our Meetup group and attend our Meetups!

We also invite you to visit us on Facebook at Open Heart - Reiki Tummo Kansas City. Our Facebook address is http://www.facebook.com/openheart.reikitummo.kansascity. In addition, please visit our website for more information at www.kansascity-ks.reikitummo-usa.com (http://kansascity-ks.reikitummo-usa.com/). ☺

Thank you for visiting our home page! Please contact us if you have questions or wish to share.

May all beings experience the Joy of opening their Spiritual Heart to our Creator, our True Source!

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Experience the Gentle Healing Divine Energy of Reiki Tummo with Us!

Reiki Tummo is a Divine Energy channeling technique that combines Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy), Kundalini (dormant sacred fire in every human), and the Spiritual Heart for improved Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Growth. Reiki Tummo is a profound technique based on the Spiritual Heart that fosters Spiritual Growth through opening and connecting to your Spiritual Heart and through your Spiritual Heart to True Source, our Creator, to feel Peace, Calmness, Gratefulness, and Joy in your daily life. Reiki Tummo provides many benefits, including improving Wellbeing on many levels; promoting Relaxation, Health, Peace, Calmness, Gratefulness, and Joy; and providing an avenue for Spiritual Growth. Reiki Tummo is an easy, effective way to be happier, healthier, reduce stress, and become more peaceful, all while going through the responsibilities of everyday life. We warmly invite you to experience the gentle healing Divine Energy of Reiki Tummo with us! This session will include introductions to Reiki Tummo and the Spiritual Heart as well as simple steps you can practice every day to strengthen your Heart and find inner Peace and Joy. We will learn ways of relaxing, smiling to the Heart, and feeling the Heart. This will be followed by Divine Energy channeling by Reiki Tummo practitioners so that you may experience gentle Healing, Relaxation, Peace, Joy, and Calmness. If time allows, we will also do an Open Heart Meditation, a simple, relaxing way to get in touch with the Peacefulness, Calmness, and Joy within your Spiritual Heart without the need to concentrate, focus or visualize. We invite you to come & see how everything in life can improve exponentially when you get in touch with your Spiritual Heart and by experiencing the gentle healing Divine Energy of Reiki Tummo! This session is free and open to all, including children 10 years of age and older. Library rules and policies apply. Please RSVP if you or your friends/family are interested in joining this free Reiki Tummo Divine Energy channeling session because seating is limited. We look forward to seeing you on November 16, 2019! For more information, please also visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/openheart.reikitummo.kansascity and our website at http://kansascity-ks.reikitummo-usa.com/ as well as www.padmacahaya.org (http://www.padmacahaya.org/), www.natural-walking.com (http://www.natural-walking.com/) , and www.openheartmeditation.com (http://www.openheartmeditation.com/).

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