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"We are meant to be Happy. Throughout our lives, we’ve continued to seek true and lasting happiness. Perhaps the answer has always been too close. It is deep within us, our Spiritual Heart."

Irmansyah Effendi, M.Sc. (Founder)

Why connect to our Spiritual Heart? Our Spiritual Heart is the center of Peace, Calmness, and Joy! It is through our Spiritual Heart that we have a direct key connection to our Creator, our True Source, the Source of all Love and Light in existence.

Natural Way of Living offers a variety of programs to help you find the sanctuary within and around you which are based on the Spiritual Heart and teach techniques that are easy to learn and practice. The 4 main Natural Way of Living programs include:

• Open Heart

• Reiki Tummo

• Secrets of Natural Walking

• Secrets of Natural Healing

Natural Way of Living programs help you to experience:

• Peace: Reduce stress and anxiety by helping your mind and body relax.

• Grounding: Clear your mind and improve your wellbeing.

• Health & Wellness: Reawaken your body’s healing abilities.

• Purpose: Reconnect with your Heart’s true longing.

• Gratitude: Naturally feel more grateful for your life.

• True Joy: Effortlessly experience True Joy, the deepest form of happiness.

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To experience Peace, Calmness, and Joy in your daily life, we warmly invite you to join our Meetup group and attend our Meetups!

We also invite you to visit us on Facebook at Open Heart - Reiki Tummo Kansas City (www.facebook.com/openheart.reikitummo.kansascity) and at our website (www.kansascity-ks.reikitummo-usa.com). Additional information can also be found at www.padmacahaya.org. ☺

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May all beings experience the Joy of opening their Spiritual Heart to our Creator, our True Source!

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