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This group is created to bring together open-minded individuals who are trying to live a life of reduced entropy (less chaos/negativity and more peace/positivity). It doesn't matter what spiritual beliefs you have, as long as you are trying to live a positive, loving life. Most spiritual individuals are natural teachers by sharing their experiences and lessons they’ve learned. But this is not a group for people with large egos.
This is a place for open minded, loving people who are not only willing to help teach, but also learn for themselves.

The purpose of this group is to not create a religious or spiritual following, but rather an "open-sourced" spiritual community of individuals who can become close friends and help eachother out in this world. No one person will be a leader over the rest, instead it will be a decentralized group, caring for eachother and bringing together a community of friends who can be there for eachother (something I beleive is very much needed today).

In todays day and age, I believe it's difficult to find a spirutal group/community without joining a religious or dogmatic belief system. No politics, no religion, just the pure human desire to help and love.

If you are looking to meet other individuals who are open-minded, loving and desiring to grow spiritually, then join this group. Thank you for reading.

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2nd Meetup (State of Bliss)

Tully Park

Hi there! This is the second meetup for this group. During this meetup we will be discussing each other’s ideas, beliefs and experiences of being in a state of bliss (acceptance, happiness, love). I wasn’t able to reserve the same location as last time, but I’ve reserved a picnic shelter at a park very close to the last one. The location for this meetup is at Tully Park in meridian. There are two picnic shelters and we have the smaller one reserved for our group. Like last time, feel free to bring any snacks or drinks if you’d like :) It should be a nice day so feel free to bring some blankets as well and we can go find a peaceful spot to sit down and hangout if wanted. The purpose of these meetups is just to get to know everyone better, learn from each other and help motivate! If you weren’t able to make it to the last meetup, do not worry! Come on by and meet the group :) Since this meetup’s theme is about the being in a state of bliss, I ask anyone attending to think about experiences or moments in your life when you felt bliss, how it impacted you and what lead you to become in that state of mind. Hopefully you all can make it! I look forward to seeing most of you again and if we haven’t met, getting to know you :) This will be a lot of fun and be a very peaceful meetup. I’m super excited! - Lane

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Get To Know Each Other Meetup

settlers park

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