Building resilient software solutions based on Constrained IoT


Preden nas december odnese s kuhanci in vsesplošno prednovoletno razpuščenostjo, nas čaka še zadnje letošnje srečanje in zadnji obisk Poligona v Tobačni.

Predaval bo Nikica Fulir iz Zagreba, ki se že leta profesionalno ukvarja z IoT.

Govoril bo o trdoživih IoT rešitvah.

Naj domišljija ne ponori.

"Building resilient software solutions based on Constrained IoT

Building a system that relies on IoT devices can be both straight-forward as well as quite challenging. The challenge becomes greater with "constrained" IoT devices and specialized use cases, such as high security requirements. The devices are characterized by severe CPU, memory and network limitations, cannot be remotely accessed, are unattended and exposed to the elements as well as overall neglect and misuse. We take a look at some of the challenges in building a resilient enterprise system that manages and relies on these types of devices."

O predavatelju:

"My interests combine software solution architecture and information security, with over 15 years in the industry. In love with Java and large scale deployments. Spent three years as a freelance architect and security consultant for an IoT company, building IoT-centered enterprise systems from scratch. Current job: consultant for IBM."

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