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We are a group of design thinkers, social innovators, and tinkerers coming together to solve the world's pressing challenges. Through OpenIDEO, people worldwide come together to build on each other’s skills and ideas for good. Check out what our community has been up to.

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Prototyping workshop - principles and methods

Maker Space @ NYU Tandon

Prototyping is an integral part of Design Thinking because it allows us to test our ideas quickly and improve on them in an equally timely fashion. Imagine this situation: It’s an exciting new project, something your team had spent months brainstorming and planning, then building and crafting to perfection. You did all you could to ensure it was just right, with all the necessary features. But nobody was interested in trying them out. What went wrong? Prototyping comes in by providing a set of tools and approaches for properly testing and exploring ideas before too many resources get used. In this workshop, we'll take some of ideas from previous OpenIDEO challenges and try to figure out ways to prototype them in both digital and non-digital forms. Along the way, we'll introduce you to some of the key principles and tools used in prototyping by many organizations today. Target agenda: 6.45 - Introduction to prototyping 7.00 - Introduction to the OpenIDEO challenges we'll be tackling 7.15 - Planning and figuring out how to prototype the ideas 7.45 - Split into teams to prototype (digital and non-digital channels) 8.15 - Swap roles to try the other methods 8.45 - Presentations 9.00 - Wrap up and close We promise this will be an extremely hands on and engaging workshop! We are extremely grateful to have partnered with the Design Lab @ NYU MakerSpace and Design For America NYU for this workshop!

OpenIDEO challenge workshop

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Partner collaboration

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Film screening and networking

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OpenIDEO NextGen Cup Challenge Ideation

NYU Tandon School Of Engineering Maker Space

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