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Hack on Chef OpenStack Cookbooks - Swedish Style

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Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue,
Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn.
Børk! Børk! Børk!

Our corporate cook from Sweden serenades DreamHost employees every morning with this sweet song while he whips up fluffy pancakes ( and tosses cooking utensils with reckless abandon. Just kidding. We don’t have a corporate cook. The closest thing we have to someone cooking us breakfast would be crazy-pants-Pete who stands in front of our downtown LA high-rise singing the “Show’em You’re a Tiger” ( jingle from the old Frosted Flakes commercials. He also growls.

I want to invite you all to hack the day away inside the well-appointed DreamHost kitchen – with a coffee maker, espresso machine, tea kettle, and more snacks than a 7-Eleven. We’ll be coding on Chef for OpenStack ( (Essex & Folsom releases).

Our local OpenStack user group will be joined by the esteemed Matt Ray (, Senior Technical Evangelist at Opscode. He’ll be on hand to lend deep expertise and leadership during the hackathon. For those who are outside the greater Los Angeles area but want to get in on the Cookbook action, you can join remotely via IRC (#openstack-chef).

Doors open at 9AM and lunch will be provided. You’ll have a chance to work on Cookbooks from 10AM-5PM. DreamHost will also play host to a separate Chef Meetup later that night at 7PM. I encourage you to make a day of it and set up shop at DreamHost.


Our good friends at LA DevOps are facilitating the evening Meetup that starts at 7PM. Presenters will include Aaron Peterson (, a Consulting Technical Evangelist and Chef Instructor. Aaron's topic will be "Chef's New Existential Angst: Exploring Whyrun Mode". The next presenter will be Carl Perry (, the cloud architect for DreamHost. He'll present on "Deploying OpenStack using Chef".

Don't forget to hit the jump below and RSVP. It's gonna be a Chef-tastic day!

IMPORTANT: The into the AON building is on Wilshire Blvd. and Hope St. (,-118.257077&spn=0.002056,0.003192&t=m&layer=c&cbll=34.048881,-118.257077&cbp=12,0,,0,0&photoid=po-65406739&z=19), or on 6th St. DreamHost is located about two blocks from the 7th Street/ Metro Center (service via Blue, Red, Purple, and Silver lines).
AON Main Lobby:[masked]